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15th May 2011

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Fat Fires

There are two types of fires most commonly found in Barbequing - the fat fire and the Gas fire! Fat fires are caused by too much fat so dont use too much, put oil on your food not on the BBQ!

15th Mar 2011

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Infra Red Quartz BBQ's

I have had a few questions asked regarding these "new technology" BBQ's here is one of them.........


11th Mar 2011

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Tsunami in Japan

What is the world coming too? Another earthquake in Japan and a Tsunami, keep your sprits up over there guys and always remember you can use a BBQ vitually anywhere!! Ross Y

22nd Feb 2011

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Earthquake in Christchurch NZ

I was in Christchurch NZ 2 years ago, what a beautiful City and country, my heart goes out to you guys for the trauma you are suffering, our love and best wishes go to you your loved ones and your lovely people, Ross Y

30th Nov 2010

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BBQ Alfresco Areas

I visit lovely homes all the time to check out and service Barbeques some are really fantastic in design, do you have a particularly good Alfresco area, we would love to see it, send us piccies.....Ross Y

30th Nov 2010

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Cooking on your BBQ

How many times have you burnt your food on the Barbeque?

30th Nov 2010

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BBQ Conversions to Natural Gas

Make sure that you check to see whether your BBQ you are going to buy is able to be and approved for natural Gas use. Every day I get calls asking me if a certain BBQ can, check with your supplier or Barbitec before you buy. Ross Y

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