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The Barbecue Service Alliance Australia Directory

Visit the Australian BBQ Service & Maintenance Directory


Barbecue Service Alliance Australia a service directory like no other designed and curated to take the pain out of finding reliable suppliers for all your BBQ needs across Australia.

The story behind BSAA …

In front of my computer one evening, I got an email from a customer over in the Eastern States of Australia asking me for advice on who could service their BBQ in Canberra? I looked into this for them and found no-one that specifically services Barbeques in Canberra according to their online information! From here I started to research other states to find that there is no single independent, curated comprehensive directory for Australia, the land of the BBQ.

Barbeques are part of our way of life and like many appliances, if they are not cleaned, serviced or repaired they won't last long, did you know that up to 500,000 barbeques are sold in Australia each year? Only a portion of those are regularly serviced or cleaned.

I used to say to clients, “lets take your BBQ trolley into the kitchen and see if you like the smell and old food and see if you look after it then!”

Spend $8000 on a kitchen hotplate and oven and it will be kept clean, spend $8000 on a BBQ and you will be lucky if it gets one good clean workout in a year.

Trying to find someone licensed, qualified and interested in servicing Barbeques is almost an artform and so I decided to form a ‘bbq service alliance’ where qualified bbq service experts can gather within one reliable associated body, so that you the public can find good, reliable, honest, and specialist company to look after their BBQ within their locality, and search these by the services they offer. The directory also values customer feedback with reviews and eventually users will be able to compare services and costs.

All the businesses on our website have been vetted and have passed our requirements for membership of the directory. Each company listed has to apply for a membership and a listing on the directory. They are vetted and must show that they know what they are doing when servicing your Barbeque within the service sections on the directory.

We are not just an ‘upload and leave’ directory:

  • We ask that the businesses on our site keep their details up to date and will remove their listing should their details be found to be out of date, until such time as they update their information and reapply.
  • They must display the reputable BSAA logo on their own website or social media channel.
  • They must respond quickly to requests and they must know what they are talking about.
  • They will have a check sheet saying what sort of service they are able to provide such as bbq cleaning, servicing, installations, conversions etc.,
  • They must be prepared to answer and explain any poor of negative reviews.

All negative reviews or comments that come to BSAA are taken seriously and are vetted and adjudicated. If any enquiry received by us is negative, we will follow up the call and see what the problem is and how it can be resolved by the business, similarly an excellent report will not go unnoticed either.

So, if you want a good reliable trady to look after your BBQ go to…


Barbecue Service Alliance Australia


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