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12th Jul 2024

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Road Test - Coleman Revolution Dual Fuel BBQ - review now done!

We have been asked by Coleman to review this multi-Fuelled BBQ. Its a Revolution Dual Fuel BBQ, Gas & Charcoal. Review is as below:

5th May 2024

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Heatlie Hydrogen Barbeques

The Heatlie Hydrogen Barbecue is a first of its kind.Demonstrating the utilisation of Hydrogen in cooking applications, the barbecue is capable of producing the same results as our Natural Gas and LPG range of barbecues.

21st Jul 2024

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Fathers' Day - Buy BBQ Books - 1st September 2024 - 'Secrets' Volume too out now!

What a great opportunity to buy a BBQ Book for Fathers'Day, yes buy for Dad, Hubby, Partner etc., buy big and buy our new book.

Available on Amazon now, buy in time for Sunday 1st September FATHERS DAY!

13th Jul 2024

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FREE 'All Things BBQ' Workshops - information - next one Yanchep 31st August 2024 starts 11:00am

Go to Events & Appearances for further information on future events. All Things BBQ with Ross Yarranton...

26th Feb 2024

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ON Air - UPDATE - ABC Radio Monday 26th February @ 5:40pm - with Jo Trilling on 'Drive' Podcast!

Listen to Ross on 'Drive' with Jo Trilling ABC Radio Perth, 5:40pm Monday 26th February, talking 'All Things BBQ' and about his next Book, Volume two of 'British & Australian BBQ Secrets' co-authored with Ben Bartlett aka BBQ BEN..

25th Jan 2024

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GAS 4 U - Door to door delivery Perth WA - $37.00 per 9kg Fill

GAS 4 U - Delivers LPG gas bottles around the Perth Metro Area - So give Des a call on 0429.831069 for a 7 day service - 8AM - 8PM BBQ & Camping Cylinders / Patio Heaters - Hire & Sales / Forklift & 45kg Bottles

23rd Jan 2024

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New Facebook set up for BARBITEC

Our new facebook page is set up so we need you guys to follow it! Lots of cool new stuff coming soon. Ross

24th Jan 2024

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Latest Sponsor for 'All Things BBQ ' Workshops

We are pleased to announce that 'ALL FOODS MARKET' will sponsor our next round of 'All Things BBQ' Workshops in March, we will have food tastings, meat, chicken etc to compliment the classes so you will see Ross in action cooking as well as him taking questions from the floor and helping teach th

15th Feb 2024

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Gas Appliance Certification Information - Australia & New Zealand

I have had a few calls recently on what is approved and what is not in the way of Gas Appliances including Barbeques & Pizza Ovens, hope that the information in this blog helps....Ross.

16th Jan 2024

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you know I always bought my salt from Malden...UNTIL I DISCOVERED TASMAN SEA SALT!!! We are so pleased that they are our latest sponsors, thank you!.

20th Nov 2023

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On a Total Fire Ban day, it is illegal to light an open-air fire or conduct any activity that could start a fire. Some of these activities are prescribed in the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 meaning they can be carried out during a TFB, providing you comply with the conditions listed here.

31st Jul 2023

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3 Drops wine and EVOO - all Western Australia Produce

We like to promote local produce as much as we can and I am pleased to say 3 Drops wine and Oils are one of the best as we use both!. You can order both online as per the link below:

3 Drops wine & Oil 

6th Mar 2024

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2024 Perth Good Food and Wine Show - Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2024 - PCC

The Perth Good Food & Wine Show is on from 19th to 21st July 2024 at the PCEC Ross will be helping out at the Riedel Drinks Lab again this year so come along and enjoy the show, more details to follow:

22nd May 2023

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Pizza Lab Perth WA - Awesome Pizzas at a great price!

Here is the man that started it all, my good mate Trent.He has worked very hard to produce a great Pizza 'on-site' business that really works so please support him as we do and please support WA businesses as Ross from Barbitec does.

28th Mar 2024

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6PR Radio Interview - This Good Friday 2024 @ approx. 8:15pm

  • Catch up with me on 6PR this Good Friday at 8:15pm, talking about our new 'All Things BBQ' Workshops and our latest 'Secrets' Volume two book, which will be published very soon. So please listen in as it will be a great show!. 

14th Jan 2024

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British & Australian BBQ Secrets, 'All Things BBQ' - New Event 2024 - Event now ended..!

This event has now ended, thankyou to those who came along!

Latest from BARBITEC

22nd Jul 2024

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Perth Good Food & Wine Show Over for another Year!

Perth Good Food and Wine show over for another year, great fun and it was great to see such good WA produce as well as all the wines from other states and abroad.

21st Jul 2024

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Fathers' Day - Buy BBQ Books - 1st September 2024 - 'Secrets' Volume too out now!

What a great opportunity to buy a BBQ Book for Fathers'Day, yes buy for Dad, Hubby, Partner etc., buy big and buy our new book.

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