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10th Jan 2022

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone, Lets hope 2022 is better than the last two years! Keep enjoying your BBQ, food, drink and lifestyles. Remember that if you need any andvice on any aspect of BBQing just ask Ross..

28th Nov 2021

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BSAA Spotlight on Home Venting Solutions for December 2021

Every Month Barbecue Service Alliance Australia SPOTLIGHTs one of the Alliance business's this Month its Home Venting Solutions

3rd Dec 2021

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Drongo's Guide to BBQ Mastery - charity event - Sunday 12th December @10.00am. Author signing books. REMINDER!!

Ross's book is now selling at Brads Barbers shop, Carine Commercial Centre, Shop 11/6 Davallia Rd, Carine WA 6020.

3rd Aug 2021

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Gas Safety

Gas Safety in WA - many people arent aware of some of the dangers when Gas is mishandled, the articles below help you understand gas safety:


8th Jul 2021

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New Looftlighter road test soon!

New Looftlighter review coming soon...RRP $119.95


1st Jul 2021

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BBQ Cooking Advice - free!

If you want some BBQ cooking advice call Ross 0415.771172! its free and calls are welcomed....ed.

BBQ Cooking

25th May 2021

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YORK Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2021 vintage

YORK Extra Virgin Olive Oil...........

Arnaud tells me that this 2021 vintage (if I can call it that) is one of the best evers!

24th May 2021

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Join Ross on Instagram - Hints, tips and BBQ bits!

Just one of the many cooking recipies on Ross's Instagram page, check it out at:


8th May 2021

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5 Star Reviews

Have you had a great service when having your BBQ serviced or installed or converted? If so please tell us who, when and where, we are looking for plumbers and gas fitters AUSTRALIA-WIDE that have performed well outside the box! That's Five Stars!!

17th Mar 2021

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A Huge BBQ, soooo good! Found at Burns Beach every Wednesday evening..awesome....

24th Apr 2021

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BBQ Repairs - Do they have a Gas license?

ALL BBQ gas repairs, whether LPG or Natural Gas MUST only be repaired or serviced by a qualified and licenced Gas Fitter, NEVER a local handyman.!!

24th Jan 2022

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide Directory - service, installs etc.,

BARBECUE SERVICE ALLIANCE AUSTRALIA  A NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory...with 5 star tradeys!

3rd Feb 2021

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Fire and Emergency Services - Perth Bushfires

We truly commend all the emergency services for their work in controlling the current bushfires, our thoughts and prayers go out to those that have lost their homes and pets, we are thinking of you..

28th Jan 2021

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20th Jan 2021

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We are in Perth WA 'safest place in the world!`

Although Barbitec is based in Perth Western Australia we give advice to people locally, Australia-wide and even sometimes from other countries so please email us, txt us, facebook us or even ring us.

We are here to help and would love to hear from you....Ross

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25th Jan 2022

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Happy Australia Day Everyone!

Happy Australia Day from all At Barbitec and Barbecue Service Alliance Australia....Have a great day!! Ross

24th Jan 2022

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide Directory - service, installs etc.,

BARBECUE SERVICE ALLIANCE AUSTRALIA  A NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory...with 5 star tradeys!<

14th Jan 2022

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'Low and Slow' is the way to go!!

All you potential BBQ Gurus out there...Please remember, if you dont remember anything from recipes, slow the bbq cooking down!!

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