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8th May 2021

Have you had a great service when having your BBQ serviced or installed or converted? If so please tell us who, when and where, we are looking for plumbers and gas fitters AUSTRALIA-WIDE that have performed well outside the box! That's Five Stars!! 5*plus....

Each person that gives us a good and honest review (we will check them though just to make sure no-one is telling 'porky-pies')...........If the service and experience is genuine that person who made the review will get a free copy of Ross's book 'DRONGO'S GUIDE TO BBQ MASTERY', signed personally by the Master himself!

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Send your FIVE STAR review to ''

Thank you,

Barbitec Editor

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13th Jun 2021

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide?

A NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory.....? go to

'Can I get my BBQ converted to NG in Sydney?

8th Jun 2021

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Pea and Pumpkin Mini Quiches

Pea and Pumpkin Mini Quiche recipe (oven baked but can also be cooked in a BBQ, 200c indiect hood down)

3rd Jun 2021

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BBQ Cooking - Covid safe - Melbourne

Hi Melbourne, so sad that you are into lockdown again but dont worry too much get the BBQ cranked up, the steaks and salad bought and get some cooking done!

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