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15th May 2022

We dont want our BBQ to look like the one shown do we?

Here are some tips and directions and people that can clean your BBQ..

Remember the BBQ Directory...

BSAA Directory BBQ Cleaning

Everyone hates to clean their Barbecue, don’t they? Well over the past 15 or so years lots of businesses have opened up and they clean Barbecues! Yes, they also clean ovens etc.,

BBQ Cleaning is one of the most searched for services across Australia. The problem is where do you find suppliers who 100% understand the ins and outs and requirements for cleaning different barbeque types and the different areas on your standard BBQ. 

The BSAA Directory is designed to help as we have vetted suppliers in all the main states and cities from Victoria and Melbourne right up the NT and as far west as Perth. All our suppliers know and understand Barbecues and therefore their cleaning services are of the highest standard.

I guess it was an extension of that as the old idea of throwing water or a hose at it is not at all advisable these days as there are electronic components that hate water and most of them are either stainless steel or steel and that of course rusts with water.

Remember that stainless steel is just that ‘stain-less’! Not stain-proof! BBQs generally are made out of 304 which although resistant to corrosion is not as good as 316 which is what is called ‘marine’ grade.

Cleaning any stainless steel is easy, you need to clean it down with a damp cloth and then use a stainless cleaner or an ‘oil’ to lubricate the surface thereby causing a layer between the elements and the surface. If you don’t do this regularly the dirt / rust etc., is harder to move later.

BUT far be it from me to tell our BBQ cleaning experts how to do their jobs! They are the ones that you should call for a good or should I say GREAT Barbecue clean. They bring a very sad looking BBQ up to almost new at little cost.

When you buy a BBQ, it is gleaming but you have to look after it. Like any appliance it needs to be cleaned, after all you normally clean your Cook top after each use, don’t you?

I remember when I went out to one customer and their BBQ was absolutely filthy, the drip tray was groaning for a clean, full of fat and just horrible, I said to the wife of the customer I was called out to for a BBQ service that I couldn’t really do anything as it was so dirty. She said he never cleans it so we both came up with a great idea!!!!!

We moved the BBQ into the kitchen, put a sign on it like ‘try cooking on this’ and when he came home, she refused to cook on anything else. He immediately took it outside, cleaned it as best as he could and now it has a twice yearly clean from the professionals.

Remember to keep your BBQ clean, drip tray, burners, plate, grills, hood etc., If you just spend a couple of minutes while the bbq is still warm its easy to keep it clean, the make a call to one of our professional BBQ cleaners for a regular clean, at least twice a year!!

                                  Go to to find a 5 Star cleaning service near you!

Main picture featured courtesy of BBQ Cleaning Company Mindarie WA. Also a founding member of the BBQ Service Alliance Australia

Cartoon courtesy 'Drongos Guide to BBQ Mastery' - Author Ross Yarranton


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