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BBQ not hot?

12th Feb 2014

Hi All, I get asked as to why Barbeques don't seem to be as hot as they used to be?


Most Barbeques today don't need to get as HOT, we need to slow cook food and not burn it, we need to make sure that the BBQ food is moist and well cooked. A high heat will burn food and not cook policy is LOW & SLOW is the 'Way to go'!!

secondly, with 'duty of care' being so prominent in our lives these days, with children around and parents busy, they have to make sure that any BBQ is 'safe'...Most are, but a word of warning all ...please keep an eye on your kids when you are barbequing, you CANNOT rely on every BBQ manufacturer telling you how to keep your kids away from a HOT BBQ when cooking...Use a bit of common sense and make sure that your BBQ is:

Attended at all times when on!

Kids are kept well away when on and when cooling...Lets keep everyone safe and ready to BBQ again

We don't really want to have to put a cage round the BBQ when we are cooking? Or will we have to in future, its up to you Parents..............??

Think on it...

...Ross Y

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