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BBQ'd jacket potatoes

17th Sep 2018

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? And even a bit bland, but believe me they really work and go well with anything! They can be put with …Steak, chicken, kebabs, fish etc,…


Now what do you need…??


Potatoes (any kind)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Herbs dry or fresh

Sat – Malden or sea salt

Pepper – fresh cracked




 A really ‘cool’ addition to any BBQ! You will need a BBQ with a Roasting Hood and a ‘warming or cooking' (as I call it) Rack..


So.... Place the potatoes on a flat surface or chopping board and using the noughts and crosses method cut about 2/3rds into the spud making a criss cross action..yes..Like ‘noughts and crosses’

Then place the potato(s) depending on size, on baking paper then place on foil. Drizzle with EVOO and a knob of butter, sprinkle with S & P and a large pinch of herbs. Crunch the foil to close but leave the top open slightly, so don’t seal it completely!

Place on the LHS of the rack and put the RH burner on to high, close the hood and leave till cooked, about 30 – 45 minutes. You can test if they are ready by spiking them with a sharp thin knife, if it goes through easily they are cooked..Serve in its foil or tip out onto the plate…Voila!

Note: picture courtesy

Recipe ©Ross Yarranton BBQ Mastery        

All recipes are copyright however Ross does not mind if you use them for home use, using them commercially  without his permission may result in prosecution. Please contact us first.

TIP: try topping with sour cream and chives, coleslaw, greek yoghurt and sweet chili sauce







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