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Beefeater BBQ Problems

10th Sep 2020

Hi All, I seem to be getting a lot of calls recently concerning Beefeater Barbeques.. One of their problems of the 'Signature' Series is that they have Flame failure as an additional safety feature..NOTE: This does NOT mean that they can be used indoors (unless they are re:approved by an authorised Gas Inspector). To be fair they are good BBQ's BUT the thermocouples (flame failure probes) only last about 5-7 years and will need replacing. Although we do not service any Beefeater Barbeques, I thought I would add a contact for my web customers..

Any problems, get back to me 0415771172


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23rd Sep 2020

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Exmouth Prawns (cutlet style) - pdf recipe

King Tiger Prawns done for a light snack..recipe on my instagram page.........also click on the link below which is a pdf of the recipe:

15th Sep 2020

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Margaret River wines

We popped into Credaro wines in Yallingup about a week ago to have a taste or their wines, I have to say they were lovely so I thought that they would be worth a mention in case anyone goes down to

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Jumbuck Barbeques

I get increasingly concerned when I talk to customers that have bought a Jumbuck BBQ from Bunnings and they ask me 'where can I get a Natural Gas' conversion Kit' ?

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