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British & Australian BBQ Secrets, 'All Things BBQ' - This event has now expired, more events coming @ Clarkson Library in 2024

7th Dec 2023

THIS EVENT HAS NOW EXPIRED - thank you everyone for coming..!

Giveaways with every book sold! 

'British and Australian BBQ Secrets' - by Ben Bartlett & Ross Yarranton, out now on Amazon. There will be at least 2 more books that will compliment British & Australian BBQ Secrets Volume one...

As we are fast approaching the BBQ Season, Ross has a 'Meet the Author' at Clarkson Library, Clarkson, Wanneroo, Western Australia on Sat 25th November 10:00am to 11:30pm. he will be talking all about BBQ's, cooking and BBQ problems and both his books will be available for sale, 'Drongo's Guide to BBQ Mastery' & his new book 'British & Australian BBQ Secrets' written with Ben Bartlett, an Awesome BBQ Celebrity Chef in the UK that has won many BBQ champion Awards, world-wide. Ask any BBQ questions, What to buy, How to cook? etc., See Ross there....!