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Check the Gas license!

17th Oct 2020

As we are coming into our BBQ season please remember to check the Gas License of anyone that does Gas work on your home, (in WA it is a yellow card and should say 'No Restrictions' or 'Restricted to' which should mean a full license but with some restrictions which could be not able to service or install) not sure other states but please check that the person that is looking after your Gas Appliances, has a current card and shows it to you, if he says he has left it at home beware and dont use him or her! 

Please be careful..I must admit I have only been asked for my card a few times, although I carry it all the time, I guess with a company like Barbeques Galore and GasMate that we are agents for and recommends us that would be sufficient but even so please be cautious, Gas is a highly imfammable product and should be respected.............

There are too many Cowboys out there that arn't qualified or havent a clue what they are doing in relation to Barbeques so please ask for their credentials or ask me for a recommendation.......

Be safe,

Ross Barbitec

Gas license GF 010535

Technical bulletin October 2020

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