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Chilli prawns

28th Oct 2020

Yes, I know that this was not done on the BBQ but you can use the plate on the BBQ or a side burner and do exactly as I have with a fry pan...OR just put the pan over the grill, let it heat and cook the same..these were WA Exmouth king prawns and I used York Extra virgin Oilve Oil infused with Lemon, again local to WA, just a minute or two in the pan, 3 tbsp oil and 3 of sweet chili sauce, dont let it burn!! Also have a look on Ross's Instagram page....

or check out my good friend at York olive oil Arnaud his oil is the best....



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3rd Mar 2021

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Mottainai lamb - Update

My friends at Mottainai Lamb are redefining their lamb Products over the next few months and their new name is Wagyu Lamb Pty Ltd, so watch out for their produ

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Stop Press - BBQ Servicing+ Australia-Wide?

We are Launching a NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory soon....

'How do I get my BBQ serviced in Canberra?

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BBQ Repairs - Do they have a Gas license?

ALL BBQ gas repairs, whether LPG or Natural Gas MUST only be repaired or serviced by a qualified and licenced Gas Fitter, NEVER a local handyman.!!

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