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27th May 2020

Hello All, Barbitec is here for any technical, cooking*, or BBQ questions you may have, so call, email or use the 'questions' box for a prompt and accurate reply, we are there for you in these difficult times. 

If you do have a repair problem with your BBQ we may be able to advise you over the telephone so please do not hesitate to ask...there is NO CHARGE for 'Over the phone' advice, but obviously Ross cant tell you everything!

Any BBQ's Patio Heaters etc that need repairing just bring to us, we will be happy to look at it with social distancing in place, of course.....................Remember if we cant repair it we DONT CHARGE!

*'Remember that good fresh food is very important for your well being so if I can help you to cook at home for any of the ingredients that you have just call' ...and keep safe.......Ross

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18th Jan 2021

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Join Ross on Instagram - Hints, tips and BBQ bits!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account (see below).

18th Jan 2021

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We are in Perth WA 'safest place in the world!`

We take calls from all over the world so email us, txt us, facebook us and even ring us, we are here to help and would love to hear from you....Ross

17th Jan 2021

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Fornetto Pizza Ovens - Update - where to buy?

Hi All, we did a Fornetto Pizza oven review in 2017 and as I get all sorts of requests as to where to buy the

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