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Does this Alfresco area comply for an outdoor BBQ?

20th Oct 2017

I had this query come through some time ago but I thought I would share it with you....

'Hi guys,
WE have just finished designing an alfresco bbq area for a client. It initially started as a bbq under a pergola and we selected an integrated Electrolux BBQ (EQBL156AS). Since then it has turned into an outdoor room with a roof, 2 walls and 2 walls of operable windows & doors (sliding doors and louvres), but no one thought to change the BBQ and our building surveyors and the council did not pick up the issue. Can you please advise if 2 walls of operable louvres and sliding doors qualifies as ‘open’, and if not, what can of bbq we can install instead?

My reply was:  'no the area does not comply as the the two walls with operable doors and louvres are not permanently open, both must be removed for the area to comply with an 'outdoor' BBQ. Otherwise an approved 'indoor' BBQ must be used with an overhead range hood connected to the BBQ so that the BBQ can only be used with the rangehood on.


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