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Drongo's Guide to BBQ Mastery - charity event - Sunday 12th December @10.00am. Author signing books. REMINDER!!

3rd Dec 2021

Ross's book is now selling at Brads Barbers shop, Carine Commercial Centre, Shop 11/6 Davallia Rd, Carine WA 6020.

Go to Brads Barbers shop on Sunday 12th December from 10am till 2pm, where you will see Ross cooking on the BBQ and personally signing as many books that are purchased.

All sales of Ross's book, that day will go to 'The Pirate Ship Foundation' **......

For $25.00 it will be a great gift for Hubby or someone else for Christmas! Remember these opportunity's dont come often, remember SUNDAY 12th DECEMBER....


Here is an excerpt from the book:

Burgers and Sausages:

'........Leave the burners under the grills on low and keep the hood down. The
temperature should still be about 200°C (or medium). Wrap the bacon around
the sausages and take the film off the burgers and place all the meat onto
the warming rack under the hood (you may need to oil the rack a little to stop
the food sticking). If you can’t get all the food on in one go then do it in two
batches, or place the burgers on top of the sausages.
The burgers and sausages should take about 20 minutes to cook. The burgers
can be rare, medium or well done depending on taste and how long you .......... will have to buy the book to get the finish1...... Ross

$25 (charity price) from Brads Barbers Shop, Carine (Shop 11 6 Davallia Rd) - Ask for Brad and get a haircut too!!

** The Pirate Ship Foundation is a bold and passionate community that funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.

Childhood brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease.

The identification of improved treatment options for children with brain cancer is our primary objective, ultimately leading to a cure.

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