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Everdure - has 'Flame Failure' - but it's NOT for INDOORS!

19th Oct 2020

I have had a couple of calls recently where the customer has fallen into the trap of thinking that a BBQ that has Flame failure is APPROVED for indoor use!!! WRONG!!

Everdure introduced this on their 'Sunbury' Range as an additional safety feature (well done Everdure) but that has caused another problem in that the public assume 'cause someone at the store of purchase told them it was ok for indoors' ...

Why do they tell them such nonsense! It is against the law to sell a product that does not meet the spec that the store may say it does, its called trickery or naievity either way it is wrong and you have every right to return the product to the store of purchase. 

JUST REMEMBER IF IT IS 'APPROVED' FOR INDOOR USE, IT WILL SAY SO... Just look at the instructions below as a pdf, or look at the BBQ itself on the side it will state that what area it is approved for...

Or, call me on 0415.771172 and I will check for you.......Ross

Everdure Australia Product SNNGC -13

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