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Healthy BBQ Ideas!

8th Jan 2021

Lets go Healthy in 2021! ..You must know by now that Barbequeing is one of the healthist ways to eat, I mean NOT necessarily sausages ( unless you make them!) but most of the cooking done on a BBQ is great because the fat is burnt up and that adds to the flavouring..Its outside yes? healthy yes? your cooking yes? Great? Yes, yes, yes!

This was taken from a UK website (courtesy 'womens Health Magazine' ..  thankyou):

It's no big secret a BBQ doesn’t have to be all burgers and hot dogs. That said, there's still confusion over what's the healthiest food to chuck on the coals. According to nutritionist Amanda Forman it can be pretty simple. 'A BBQ is no different from any other meal in that it still requires all three macronutrients—that's carbs, protein and fat—not forgetting elements of micro-nutrients, from fruit or veg. Stacking your plate with a variety of foods and opting for things like vegetable skewers and side salads, as well as your protein and carbs, is an easy way to ensure all your nutritional needs are covered'.

So, we reckon it's time you brushed up on some healthy, delicious and nutritionist-approved BBQ recipes to suit all palates.

Check it out!

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There are so many, so lets do it!!.....Ross

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