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Infra Red Quartz BBQ's

15th Mar 2011

I have had a few questions asked regarding these "new technology" BBQ's here is one of them.........


I read your review on the Turbo Elite RQT and noticed that you did not mention how these burners heated up the plate and did they deliver enough heat for plate cooking. Also the burners look like they are a little short compared to the size of the grill and plate, do they heat all of the plate and grill? Also were they good cooking with the hood down. I am really interested in buying one of these but it is new technology and we don't know much about it.


This is my reply.......

Hi, the Infra red quartz burners are designed to work on the grill part of the BBQ only, normal burners go under the plate that is why the design is different as they use a lot less gas.

The idea behind them is that they give off the same infra red heat as charcoal does and the “dome” gets so hot that it disperses any fat quickly without the need for any other flame tamers being present. (these go normally between the grills and burners to protect the burners from clogging up and rapid deterioration from fat build up).

You use the quartz burners the same as the normal burners for roasting or using the rotisserie. In fact using them with a rotisserie means that you can effectively remove the plate thereby allowing more room for what you want to cook as the fat can safely fall onto the domes without flaring.

If it’s any help I intend to update one of our Mastery Class BBQs with one of these soon, hope these answers help.


Ross Y

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