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NON COMPLIANT AREAS! A Consulting Question

8th Nov 2017

How often do clients fall into this trap and prepare plans for areas that turn out to be 'non-compliant' for outdoor Barbeques? Call us we can help to get you on the right track! This was a client that contacted me yestrday, again no fee as we did not visit but we did give good advice....another happy client!

here is the question..


'Our block is one of 10 adjoining townhouse blocks fronting the Geraldton Foreshore Beach. Dimensions of

25m X 8m . As there are no side windows the court yard is to allow light to enter internal rooms on both levels.

The home sits over the entire land area – no outdoor area!

The home construction is well progressed with roof framing to commence tomorrow, it was only last Friday when this

Issed was raised even though the Building Permit was issued after the plans had being presented by the Builders Contracted “Certifier”


Our builder Supervisor has being liaising with the gas regulators and has been told it would be non-conforming in the current status.

They will agree to the HWS being relocated to the recess at the very rear of the garage, with vent through the exterior wall.


In my opinion this is more of a confined area than the courtyard and leaves us without a gas bayonet position for a barbecue.


If your experience can offer us any assistance it would be greatly appreciated'


Many thanks


My answer.......


Sorry to say this but looking at your ‘outdoor’ area, this is definitely an ‘indoor’ area….. As I said in my last email an area must be at least 55% completely open to be considered an outdoor area.

NOW lots of extra regs apply to and indoor area for a BBQ situation, i.e. Flame failure, an indoor approved appliance, an overhead, complied indoor range hood, coupled to the indoor approved BBQ so that its use must be connected to the BBQ (extra work involved in this) and so it goes on…

What you have to remember is ‘would you put your outdoor BBQ in your kitchen and the answer is….’I don’t think so’..

Hope this helps to answer your question.........


The Final comment..........I suggested that they rang Energy Safety for a final opinion.

Hello Ross

 I followed up on the information on the link you provided and phoned the relevant Department.

We were lucky whereby one of their Inspectors is in Geraldton this week for a seminar involving Plumbers and Gas Fitters.


A site meeting was arranged for 1.30 pm today. He confirmed the current plans would not conform. On that

basis we will not be installing the gas bayonets on the outdoor living or in the court yard. (No barbecues!).

Even though we have the open roof to the Courtyard there is a requirement to have a permanent side elevation opening to allow for air flow.

The Gas HWS will also have to be relocated to the rear wall of the garage and will be required to upgrade to a unit with

relevant flu system.


At least we now have clarity and will be conforming to the required regulations.


Once again many thanks for your assistance, really appreciated.





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