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Road test: The Fornetto wood fired Pizza Oven

8th Aug 2017


Road Tested by Ross Yarranton – RRP AU$899.00

‘Easy to use and a lot of fun, food came out really well!’

Thank you to Jason of Garth Living for supplying us with this product...

STOP PRESS!! These Pizza Ovens have gone down so well that most of the stores that sell them (as well as some of the accessories) have sold out! Never fear 'cause Garth is 'ere'! they tell me more of the same are coming real soon! We have just received a 'cover' for ours, a great worthwhile accessory, make sure you order yours at time of purchase...Ross Y

Now this is the first time I have ever used a wood fired (Pizza) oven, I have put Pizza in brackets as I actually cooked chicken pieces in mine and an apple pie at the end!

It is a very sturdy product, well built and heavy, moving it around is easy with the handles and wheels.

I added wood and kindle at the start, used my Looftlighter and ‘hey presto’ we were away, I guess with a little bit of opening the fire door and adjusting the three air vents, and the chimney vent we got up to 180c in about an hour. I didn’t want to get any higher as chicken was on the menu tonight…

Once we had achieved this temperature it was quite easy to maintain it by closing off the vents at the bottom gradually to sustain the temperature. We placed the Mediterranean Chicken pieces at the top and within an hour they were cooked beautifully, and crisp, once rested I put the dessert in, apple pie, and again it was cooked within 40 mins perfectly.

I reckon we could have continued cooking all night as I have just looked and the temperature is still 150c after 5 hours!  

I can’t wait to try out a pizza, bread, cakes and the like, what an easy way to wood fire food!

Just an added point, it is an easy item to clean and a quick empty of the ashes, a brush and wipe with a cloth and it was ready to use again, well done Garth!

Here are a few pictures……..

Adding the wood and lets go!                     with the Medditerranean Chicken..


...Cooking well.......................................                              ...Almost there..

Chicken Mediterranean (with white wine, garlic & herbs) perfection!!

Our flame rating is 8 out of 10

For more information go to

Road Tested 8th February 2013 (Updated 12th June 2013)

PS: We have just been given a set of accessories, Pizza Cutter, Pan hook, Pizza Spatula & Pizza stone scrubber, all good quality and well made, a must with this pizza oven! Ross Y - 18/2/13

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