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Road test: Gasmate AH 2063 Meridian Area Heater

8th Aug 2017

2012 - GASMATE AH 2063 Meridian Area Heater   


  • Operates for approx 9 hours on a properly filled 9kg propane cylinder
  • Max Output 40MJ/h
  • Flame failure device and ‘tip-over’ switch that halts Gas supply if accidently knocked over
  • For Outdoor use only
  • AGA Certified
  • 12 months Warranty

RRP - $379.00

Road Tested by Ross Yarranton

 Again ‘thank you’ to Nick Simpfendorfer from Gasmate for providing us with this Area Heater for testing.

 'A Definite ‘must’ for those cold winter nights!'

Not necessarily because we are Service Agents for Gasmate but I have always thought that their ranges of patio / area heaters were very good value for money. Gasmate have been manufacturing Patio Heaters for a long time and for the price and effectiveness I reckon they are close to getting it right with this one.

This heater is about mid range and was originally designed for patios / alfresco areas that have lower ceilings but now are a more popular heater than the taller type.I remember when patio heaters first came to the market they were well over $1000.00, how time, products and price have moved on!

The Heater came well packed and very easy to put together, took me about 15 minutes! Only snag was that there was a hinge pin missing for the door, I found it had come loose and was in the bottom of the box as I discovered later, otherwise everything went together really well. I would suggest that getting the head on to the bottle cabinet is best done on its side layed down.

The starting was also brilliant, put the gas bottle on, check for leaks with soapy water, turn it on and away you go…Push in the control knob, turn and straight away the burner was lit.

It has 3 heat settings, Low, Medium and High, provides great heat and looks good under the patio. I have yet to try it on a really cold winter’s night but I reckon it will perform admirably.

Don’t forget this heater is not weather proof so buy a cover and store it in a dry place when you are not using it. It will last a lot longer that way.

Finally our ‘flame rating’, well it’s not the top of the range nor bottom so I would reckon out of ten it rates a six, so just above average.

Tip: Remember there are a lot of Patio / Area heaters on the market so it pays to buy one from a reputable retailer / manufacturer where getting it repaired or serviced will not pose a problem in the future. 

Our flame rating is 6 out of 10.

Road Tested 29th April 2012

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