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Road test: Gasmate - Inferno Patio Heater– FHN100

4th Aug 2017

RRP - $799.95

Review done by Ross Yarranton

Extravagant but worth the money for the effect!

  • Stylish Gun Metal finish
  • Unique spiralling flame with powerful radiant heat output
  • Can be collapsed for convenient storage
  • Weather resistant dome prevents water from entering the combustion zone
  • Rotary direct ignition - Maximum output 36MJ/h
  • Adjustable heat output
  • Wheels allow for easy moving
  • Includes safety “tip over” switch that halts supply of gas to the unit should it be accidentally
  • knocked over
  • Flame safeguard system for enhanced safety
  • Complete with hose and regulator
  • For outdoor use only
  • AGA certified


 the heater ‘collapsed’

Be aware that this heater is quite heavy so make sure that when you unpack it there are two of you doing it. The heater comes almost completely assembled apart from unpacking it and working how you get the top up, once done it is an amazing heater.

The heat output is 36mj which won’t say much to the layman but as the average BBQ these days gives out 12-15mj per burner it gives you an idea as to how much heat it gives out. The best bit about it though is the flame….it kind of curls up the glass tube inside and makes a marvellous addition to any outdoor area, it has a low and a high setting and it very easy to start up especially at night as you can see the pilot lighting easily.



  • Price wise it is at the top of the range at $799.95 but hey it is well made and a great design. Others I have seen are more expensive that this one and a nightmare to service, whereas for me this is quite easy to get at!
  • They do also have a cover for this that can be bought separately, it only covers the collapsed top but good for helping to keep it dust free in storage.
  • Given the quality and price I guess you only get what you pay for, my flame rating for this one is 6 out of ten.

Warranty….12 months apart from burners and valves which are 3 years, contact Gasmate for further details.

Our ‘Flame Rating’ is 6 out of 10

Review done on 15th October 2015


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