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Road test: Gasmate Red/Black Odyssey 2 Portable BBQ

8th Aug 2017

ODYSSEY – Portable BBQ with integrated with Trolley –available in Black or Red

RRP $569.00* exclusively from Bunning’s

'Review carried out by Ross Yarranton' on 22nd February 2017

‘Thank you’ to Gasmate, for supplying us with this BBQ

Well, there are expensive Barbeques, inexpensive Barbeques and affordable, cookable, portable Barbeques, this fits right into the last category. A lot of manufacturers are now producing these ‘baby’ BBQ’s and to be honest all of them are pretty much up to the mark although of course there are some differences. A while ago I reviewed the Barbeques Galore Ziggy twin grill so I thought I would see if Gasmate would like me to review the Odyssey, so here we are..........

OK, packaging is really good and easy to get to all the stuff in the box. I would suggest that like me you take everything out and then you can work out the best way to assemble it (yes there are a few things you have to add, like the thermostat, handle, hood brackets etc., not at all demanding and it took me about 5 minutes to do. Now they sent me just the BBQ with no trolley (that’s coming later) so I have put it on my own trolley for the time being. The BBQ has two burners and two ignitions (flame throwers), a small plate and a grill that you can remove the middle to put a wok pan on it, the cooking area is about the same as its competitors, maybe slightly bigger but not by much. The drip pan is bigger and easily accessible from the back of the BBQ (I put some foil in the bottom to help keep it clean). The side shelves are easily attachable and detachable, basically just slot in. I thought that the best way to test it was to do a roast so I picked a bolar blade beef roast, mainly just to see how moist it came out and whether it was easy to cook.

It was a fairly small one (1.5kg+) so I reckoned on just over an hour with the roast on the LHS and the LHS /  RHS burner on high to start and then switched the LHS off and lowered to get the hood stat steady around 180-200c, you may need to move it up a bit to get to 180c but just experiment.  

I seared the roast first then put it on Carrots, potatoes and onions, parboiling the Potatoes and carrots first, rubbed it with EVOO, Thyme and a little S & P, closed the lid and waited.

Yep pretty good as the piccies will show, a good bbq and very portable……..

There all done and ready to eat! Here is a picture of it sliced and ready to serve, simple and easy…. YUM YUM!

Our Flame rating is 7.90 out of 10 a great product GasMate, well done...!




  • Odyssey 1 – Black & Red - $299
  • Odyssey 2 – Black & Red - $439
  • Odyssey 2T – integrated with trolley – Black & Red - $569
  • Odyssey 3T – integrated with trolley – Black & Red - $669
  • Odyssey Folding stand to suit Odyssey 1 - $129
  • Odyssey Trolley to suit Odyssey 1 or 2 - $159
  • Odyssey 1 Cover - $24.90
  • Odyssey 1 Carry bag - $49.50
  • Odyssey 2 Cover - $26.90
  • Odyssey 2T & 3T Cover - $59.90

More information about this product can be obtained from the GasMate website:

Review done 22nd February 2017. 


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