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Road test: Turbo Elite RQT - 2nd Review

8th Aug 2017

Turbo Quartz Elite (RQT) 4 burner plus side burner

(Second Review)................................RRP $2899.00 (please note all RRPs are subject to change)

Review carried out by Ross Yarranton

Quartz technology eh? Well what an advancement on the old cast iron burners…. Infra Red Grilling is probably the best sort of grilling you can do on a BBQ. Remember the charcoal Barbeques, Hibachi and the like, well using an RQT burner produces the same infra red as charcoal does (that lovely red glow)

Direct Infra-Red heat and convected heat is what this Barbeque has...

Before I get into the assembly and quality of the BBQ let me just say that it uses less Gas, has better quicker heat, can be kept a lot cleaner and is easier to clean. Enough! let’s get back to the BBQ.

The Turbo Elite RQT that I am reviewing has already had a ‘guest’ review, this is mine……………………………………………………

It comes in a Classic version or Elite, the Elite comes with 4 RQT burners all SS grills and a Enamel Cast Iron Plate. Which to be honest I haven’t used yet as I am thinking that this is a ‘grill’ BBQ and not really a ‘plate’ one, hence the 4 RQT burners with NO flame tamers. Plate is easy to fit and I did check to see what the heat on it was and it was fine, well up to speed!

Packed in four boxes that I did manage to fit in my 4WD car it was actually quite easy to assemble if there are two of you. The BBQ (top) part can be a struggle to put on the trolley on your own. With two of us, chatting and ‘wowing’ it took a very comfortable 2 hours but that was with drinks, phone calls and breaks in between.

It is stylish and very well built. That I know reflects in the price but I have been in industry for a long time and I reckon apart from one or two over the years this has got to be one of the best. It is sturdy, heavy, well appointed and beautifully styled. Buying this BBQ, you will not need another one for years!

The burners are sturdy but I would suggest that if you are moving it anywhere far to remove all the burners (which are easy to do with a clip at the back) otherwise you will be up for a big bill to replace them at the other end if they break.

The hood is double skinned and has a flush temperature gauge; the side shelf has a drawer and the other side a sunken side burner. I still have no idea as to why manufacturers don’t offer a wok burner as an optional extra. I prefer a wok burner to a single burner.

The cupboard doors fitted flush with just a little adjustment, bit like kitchen cabinet doors. Sturdy castors as well.

No cover was included but I reckon for this price a cover should have been. How about it Barbeques Galore?

Fitting the hose and reg and side burner hose is a bit fiddly but managed ok. Just make sure all the connections are ‘spanner-tight’ and use soapy water on them to make sure there are no leaks.

Although I have only cooked a few times on this BBQ I found that it was an absolute pleasure, even cleaning up! Splash some water over the domes or take them off if you are really fussy and pop them in the wash bowl with a little detergent, easy to remove, easy to put back.

Just turn the RQT burners on and instantly you can cook, steaks, sausages, veggies, chops, butterflied chicken (which I did). Remember to put the food over the Quartz dome to get that succulent infra red grilling, but watch it as on full blast it does not take long to cook. I had mine on low and the chicken was done in under an hour, no flare ups.

Just a point here, you do not need to oil the grills at all as the oiled food is enough and if you do oil the grills they will discolour before you put the food on them (I made this error)
Roasts will be great on this BBQ and a couple of other things to mention……….

Yes, it is approved to run on Natural Gas.
No, it is only approved to be used OUTDOORS, not in an enclosed Alfresco area.

Well what can I say?

  • Great to assemble..
  • Great looks..
  • Great to cook on..

Price? Well in my opinion, you only get what you pay for and this is definitely worth the dollars, so save up!

An impressive and well manufactured Barbeque, Well Done Barbeques Galore!

Our flame rating is 9 out of 10.
Road Tested January 2012

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