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11th Aug 2020

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Send me a picture of your latest BBQ experience (good or bad) and if its good to publish I will send you a free copy of my book!


5th Aug 2020

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BBQ Question?

Got a BBQ Question? Call Ross 0415771172

4th Aug 2020

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Patio Heaters - repair

I gather from my sources that there is a shortage of some patio heaters? Some can be repaired, some cant depending on the model. We have spares for Gasmate Heaters and some others so if you are looking for repair rather than replacement, and you live in Perth WA, why not try us?

21st Jul 2020

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Broken BBQ - cant repair?

Got a BBQ that you dont know how to repair? Broken? Missing Parts? Gas leaking?

13th Jul 2020

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Fat fires - flare ups

Flare ups....

I got a question today about flare ups and which BBQ to buy to avoid them?

7th Jul 2020

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Electric Barbeques

Ever thought of cooking on an electric Barbeque? Some of the ones out now are really good, some can even be used in an indoor area, but check first! These ones looks pretty cool to me..

7th Jul 2020

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Beefeater Service

We get a lot of calls regarding Beefeater BBQ's that require repair or service. This is the website that he will refer you too as Beefeater have their own service agents but get a quote first! If your not sure by all means give Ross a call on 0415.771172 he'll be happy to talk to you.

1st Jul 2020

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Patio Heater Repair - No Charge?

Have a Patio Heater? NO CHARGE if we cant repair it! Bring it to us, if we can repair it $99.00 plus parts plus GST.

30th Jun 2020

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Free cookbook!

Hey food lovers! You could be sent a copy of Ross's book just for sending him a why not? 

17th Jun 2020

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Join Ross on Instagram - tips n tricks!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account. He is uploading photos, methods and recipes almost daily, so follow him and we will make sure he keeps you all up to date! 'The Barbitec Team'

5th Jun 2020

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Best steak on a BBQ

Best steak on a BBQ:

I have been asked many times what is the best beef to cook on a BBQ, here are my tips...

Firstly: NEVER buy steak that has been marinaded from a butcher, it will be old and tough, the marinade is used to disquise old meat and NOT enhance it!

5th Jun 2020

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Prawns from China! Yes I actually got caught the other day and bought prawns that were made in China! Farmed and a bit transluscent and rubbery, can be used in Asian dishes but no good on the BBQ! Buy WA and buy fresh dont get caught out....

3rd Jun 2020

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Lamb - 'Low n Slow' is the way to go.....

Just a tip, remember to cook LOW n SLOW, now that applys to Roasts, Steaks, Chicken and Fish..

27th May 2020

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Hello All, Barbitec is here for any technical, cooking*, or BBQ questions you may have, so call, email or use the 'questions' box for a prompt and accurate reply, we are there for you in these difficult times. 

15th May 2020

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Mottainailamb - 'Simply a class of its own'

We have been lucky to have joined up with Mottainailamb to try out there succulant Lamb products:

12th Apr 2020

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Mottainai Lamb Banjo Shoulder - Slow cooked

Slow cooked Lamb is the best! I cooked this one in my Gasmate Pizza oven on Low, low about 160c to 175c, but if you are doing it this way you need to watch is about every 20-30 minutes or so as the oven can be quite fierce, I cooked it on the middle rack:

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