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Steak 'a la Ross' !

18th Jun 2018

 Yes I know that we all get asked and told how to cook the perfect Steak but really what is the best way?


Rib eye (top left), Scotch fillet and 'T'bone piccies courtesy of Meat & Cleaver Butchers, and Fussy Meats, Applecross WA

Yes I know that we all get asked and told how to cook the perfect Steak but really what is the best way?

Everyones idea is different and everyone cooks steak to their taste so there really isnt a 'best way' but there are better and safer ways to cook one, here is how I do it:

First choose a good cut of meat, not fillet Steak as it really tends to dry out a bit when cooked on a BBQ, topside, rump are nearly the same. Best is Rib Eye or Scotch Fillet, but dont get fooled when buying as there are a lot of lower cost 'budget' cuts that are awful!!

You should be paying anywhere from $30 -$50 upwards per kilo and it must be MSA stamped (Meat, Livestock, Australia) this guarantees its tenderness, Some supermarkets sell msa meat and most reputable butchers do. Dont buy any steak that has been heavily marinated as this indicates a tough or old cut.


Spray, the plate and grill with Canola Oil (this has a high smoke point and wont burn as much) put your BBQ plate and grill, with the hood up, on high for 10-15 minutes, brush the meat (both sides) with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a good one. Lightly season with a good sea salt (Malden if you can get it) and cracked pepper, herbs, maybe Tyme or Rosemary if you wish but it really shouldnt need it if its good quality meat.

OK now, turmn down the grill to medium heat and place the steak on the plate side for about 45 seconds, this will crust it. Then with tongs place it same side down on to the grill, wait for the juices to move up to the surface of the top, about 5-10 minutes, depending on the thickness and how you like it, then flip it over back to the plate side for 30 seconds, turn the burners under the plate off, and again move it the same side down on to the grill for about 2/3 of the time you cooked the first side, finally place it on a plate to rest for a few minutes, the juices will then flow under the staek and its ready to eat!

The reason why you place it on the plate is three-fold, first to crust it and secondly to keep the juices in and help it from drying out and thirdly to save a bit of mess and the meat sticking to the grill.

Thats my idea of the perfect steak, about medium rare....Ross Y  

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