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18th Sep 2016

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Butterflied BBQ whole grilled chicken

Ingredients & Method

1 x 1.5 – 2.5 kg free range chicken
1 tsp paprika
2 tbsp Jingilli EV Olive Oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cracked pepper
1 tbsp butter

17th Sep 2016

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Fish Cooked in Beer Batter

You will need:

Fish fillets or seafood (e.g. hoki, barramundi, groper, prawns or scallops)
500 ml canola oil
1 cup plain fl our
Salt & pepper

17th Sep 2016

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BBQ Chicken Maryland - with Veggies

This has got to be one of the most inexpensive recipes ever. 'Marylands' are thighs and legs together with skin on. Here is what it should look like before cooking!

19th Oct 2015

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Gasmate Inferno Patio Heater Review

I have just done a review on this patio heater check out the link below and have a look, Ross Y


24th Feb 2015

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I have had a few calls from clients about, well you have guessed it, converting their BBQ to Natural Gas, here is a brief 'check list' again..

1/. Conversions can only be carried out by licensed Gas Fitters. DO NOT do it yourself!

26th Jan 2015

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BBQ Radio Spot?

Hi All,

Do you know that there is hardly any BBQ information given on the radio or TV in Perth? If you know of any Producers that would like me to say a few words on their chat shows just email me...happy to do it...cheers, Ross

13th Jan 2015

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RIB EYE STEAK - from Woolworths?

I just thought I would give you a bit of inside information with regards meat bought from Supermarkets. To be honest I normally buy my meat direct from the producer but time was against me a few weeks ago when I was looking for a good sized Rib eye steak for four of us cooked on the BBQ..

14th Nov 2014

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Masport Supreme Plus RBW 210 - 6 burner BBQ

See the latest review on this BBQ!

or go to the BBQ review page on our website..

Ross Y

12th Nov 2014

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New Blog

We have just upgraded our Blog, hope you like the new style!

Ross Y

16th Sep 2014

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guys, I am getting approx. 30 to 50 spams every day, my web guys have developed a system where for each one you send me you will get 100 times you really want to keep sending to me, if you do ..WATCH OUT.. WHAT TURNS ROUND COMES ROUND!!!

Ross Y

17th Aug 2014

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Installation commission charges - Perth

Remember that it does take us time to get all the information we require to make sure that our 'installation' guys are well acquainted with your needs and that you get a great job done.

17th Aug 2014

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BBQ Pre Summer Service?

Hi All, believe it or not the evenings here in Perth are getting lighter soooo...time to get your BBQ serviced?

18th May 2014

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NG Conversions - Is My BBQ Approved for Conversion?

Hi Guys, just a note from me, if you do have a BBQ that you would like to see if it is approved for conversion to Natural Gas the following information would really help us:

The make / model / manufacturer

5th May 2014

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Masterchef Australia

You know I really don't like to comment on TV shows but I was watching Masterchef on Monday evening and I cant get over the fact that most of the contestants cry all the time, do they really think that because they have had trauma in their lives (we all have), that the judges will give them a fre

2nd Apr 2014

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INFRA RED BURNERS - How do they work?

OK, Infra Red Burners and how do they work?

These burners are very different from the normal cast iron ones, they are more delicate and more expensive. I have received a lot of requests from people asking me if they are any good, well the answer is YES!

12th Feb 2014

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BBQ not hot?

Hi All, I get asked as to why Barbeques don't seem to be as hot as they used to be?


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