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Frequently Asked Questions:

*Why when I convert my BBQ to Mains Gas why is the pressure so Low?

'most of the time Barbeques running off the mains run efficiently but if this is not the case it is more than likely the fact that the pipe going to your BBQ or bayonet connection is too small. Remember that 'mains gas' relies on volume, just like a water pipe, whereas, LPG or bottled Gas relies on pressure.

*I was told that running on mains gas is not as hot as LPG  /  Propane Gas?

'Correct, mains gas has a lower calorific value to LPG so it requires more volume in order to compensate for the heat loss. LPG has a much higher pressure and heat value so you do not need as much to get the correct amount of heat. Manufacturers compensate for the heat value and pressure being lower by increasing the size of the jets.'

*What are the differences between LPG and Natural Gas?

'Natural Gas has a fluctuating heat value so sometimes your food will cook faster and sometimes not. LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas, comes as Propane and Butane. Propane is mainly used for outdoors as it has a higher pressure but a lower calorific value (btu) which is 2500. Butane however has a lower pressure but a higher value 3200 btu, such as used in camping etc and some countries allow butane to be used indoors with cabinet heaters. These also have oxygen analyser pilots  to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning when used indoors.

*Are all Barbeques able to be converted to Natural Gas?

'No! Only Barbeques 'approved' to run on 'mains gas' are able to be converted, it is dangerous and illegal to convert a BBQ not specifically designed to run on a particular gas product.'

*Can I convert the BBQ myself?

'No! You must be a licensed gas fitter to convert a BBQ, it is a skilled process. Attempting to save money and doing it yourself is not only illegal & dangerous but can also void your warranty and house insurance should a problem arise'

*How do you keep a BBQ clean?

'Simple, don't let it get too dirty, don't build up grease and fat, give it a good clean while it is still hot and the food you have cooked on it is resting'

*What is the average cost of a BBQ service?

'Our charges start from $125.00 plus GST

*My BBQ has been damaged by fire, is it covered by household insurance?

'Most insurance Companies will cover barbeques damaged by fire'

*What Oil is best to use when cooking on a BBQ?

' I suggest that you use Canola or Vegetable oil on the plate and grill and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your food, EVOO has a low smoke point and Canola a high one so that means if you put EVOO direct on to a hot plate it will burn whereas Canola wont!'

*At what temperature should I cook a roast?

'Rule of thumb' is that roasts are normally cooked at between 180c - 200c, most hood stats show this temeperature in the middle i.e. at 12 o'clock!' The only exception is Pork which will start at 220c and then come back to 180c - 200c....' 

*What are the benefits of getting my BBQ regularly serviced?

'Not only can problems be identified but we can advise you the best way to keep your BBQ looking beautiful!  Regular servicing will keep your BBQ going as long as parts are available'

*Why cant all Barbeques be converted to Natural Gas?

'The process of approval to obtain an AGA approval to convert to Natural Gas is complicated and expensive for manufacturers. Only choose your BBQ from a reputable Manufacturer and ALWAYS ask the retailer if it is APPROVED FOR NG CONVERSION' ' Some manufacturers will only retail a BBQ that is LPG approved.

*Why am I having problems getting conversion information on MATADOR / JUMBUCK Barbeques (Bunning's Brand)?

'We have answered some of these questions in our Blog. Basically not all NG conversion kits are available and not all Barbeques are APPROVED to run on Natural Gas. Ask Bunnings where you can get the NG kit from BEFORE you buy the BBQ if you want it to run on Natural gas. (Note: we do not supply NG kits for Bunnings branded Barbeques)

Matador Barbeque Problems

'We need all the information asked for before you ring us please, you will see why when you read the article.'

*My Barbeque caught fire is it covered on insurance?

'Most insurance Companies will cover 'fire' as part of their home contents policy, however they do require a report form people like us to assess the damage and / or the repair' 

*I can smell gas when my Barbeque is turned off - what should I do?

'If you can smell gas when your BBQ is 'turned off' its probably caused by a leak at the bottle or the pipework if plumbed in or at the Barbeque itself. Turn the isolation valve off if mains gas or the tap on the LPG bottle off and call a Gas Fitter.'

*I was told by a friend that all I had to do to convert my BBQ to Natural Gas was to drill the jets out!

'WRONG!! It is dangerous and illegal to drill jets out without being authorised and qualified. Do not put you or your family at risk by doing this.'

*I have cafe / shade blinds in my Alfresco Area that I put up when I use the BBQ - Is that ok?'

'No! Cafe and shade blinds make the area non-compliant so they cannot be installed if an outdoor BBQ is used in that area. The BBQ must be complied for indoor use and other regulations then apply'- Call us to make a consultation visit if you are not sure (fees apply). 

*Do I need to keep my burners on high when cooking on my BBQ?

No you only really need to keep them on high at the start, then turn to low - cooking on a lower flame results in slower cooking, more suculent food, less Gas and less mess!

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