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About Barbitec

Barbitec is the number one Barbeque information Centre in Australia, providing essential information on everything that is 'Barbeque'. If you have a problem and nobody else can answer it, we can help.

We have been around for a long time and have expert knowledge that you will not get anywhere else. We are completely INDEPENDENT from anyone else and any manufacturer so email or call us now!.

We specialise in the following information:

A full and comprehensive website that gives total information:

  • What BBQ to buy, where to put it, if it can be converted to Natural Gas.
  • How to look after it.
  • How to cook on it.
  • How to obtain spare parts for it.


And offer the following services:

  • The Barbitec ‘bring it to us’ workshop service from $99.00 plus GST
  • We no longer carry out on-site servicing, but 'we may know someone that can!**
  • We give advice on Cooking and food preparation, i.e. what cooks best on a BBQ.
  • ** If you require an on-site BBQ technician go to for a 5 Star service that you will always remember! This service is 'AUSTRALIA-WIDE' so if you are another State altogether there is someone that can help you..

OR you can call us Mobile: 0415 771 172 or email to

Mobile will divert to voicemail if unattended. Please note: We get a lot of calls so please be patient with our reply, member that on weekends and public holidays unless Ross is on the website you might have to wait till a work day!.

Office Hours: Office & Workshop -  Tues to Thurs 8.30am to 4:30pm (again occasionally we may accept products outside these hours)

All calls will be answered as soon as possible, please make sure you leave your name and telephone number and nature of your enquiry.

Meet Ross  


After working for Shell Oil in London and for his Uncle's Total Oil & Calor Gas (LPG) Depot in South London, after he reached Director level he decided to emigrate to Australia as the opportunites there seemed very inviting.....

After a barbeque party at his home, he thought to himself, 'who assembles and maintains barbeques in Perth?' visiting the local barbeque store the following day, his barbeque business was born. Then employing installers, technicians and chefs.

Barbitec formed in 2000 and still handles BBQ warranty work for leading BBQ manufacturers such as GasMate and Barbeques Galore as well as private work. Now more 'workshop' based, all work is carried out in his 'fully equipped' workshop. If the item is unrepairable no charges are made, so if it cant be fixed its free!

His interest in cooking, in particular BBQ cooking led to two years of recipe collaboration with professional chefs in Western Australia, famously becoming the first WA BBQ Chef to start BBQ Classes back in early 2000, culminating in writing his BBQ cookery book "Drongo's Guide to BBQ Mastery". He still offers guidance to the 'would-be' BBQ cooks out there for free, sharing most of his experience on his INSTAGRAM page.

His latest book, 'British & Australian BBQ Secrets' above is now on sale through Amazon and leading book stores both in Australia, the UK and Internationally.

Ross has also set up the 'Barbecue Service Alliance Australia Directory' which has the names of BBQ service businesses all across Australia so if you want a 5 star bbq repair business go to:  and dont forget to add a review!

BBQ and Patio Heater servicing is now carried out in our comprehensive workshop but Ross can also offer advice on what BBQ to buy, whether your old bbq is worth repairing, Alfreso areas compliance issues etc.,

Ross is married, lives in Perth Western Australia, is a fully qualified, licensed gas technician as well as an author and professional Cook.

Follow him on instagram


Photos: Ben Bartlett UK Celebrity Chef, UK and World BBQ Champion : George Calombaris Australian Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, also one of the judges of the Australian Network 10 series of MasterChef ...

Taken at the commercial kitchen show, ExCel London 2022 & Good Food and Wine Show, Perth, WA 2022

revised 17/03/2023


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On-site Calls

All our work is now 'Workshop-based' We do not service any appliances on-site.  REMEMBER: If we cannot repair the item it does not cost you anything!

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