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Road Tests & Reviews

Road Tests & Reviews Intro

All our reviews are completely independent. All prices shown are current at the date of the review, we take no responsiblity if these prices are incorrect or have altered since our review.


New Barbeques are coming in all the time, if you are after a built-in indoor BBQ you will need to contact a commercial kitchen fitter as these come under different regulations than outdoor ones.

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Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens have been around for some time and there are a lot to choose from. We have road tested a few and will be reviewing others on a regular basis so check out our independent piza oven reviews.

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Patio Heaters

Patio heatters are an essential for those cooler evenings. There are plent to choose from and a vast range of features available. barbitec are road testing and reviewing a number over the coming year ro check out our un biased reviews.

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**PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OUR REVIEWS ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT** All prices shown are current at the date of the review, we take no responsiblity if these prices are incorrect or have altered since our review and as such you will need to check with the retailer the correct current retail price at the time of purchase.

Important: As we are not retailers we do not sell any product reviewed direct to the public. If you would like the name of the Manufacturer (if not already added to the review) please contact us by email or telephone and we will assist where we can.

On this page we will review and test all types of products from the simple meat thermometer right up to the most expensive BBQ money can buy! That is if the manufacturers and retailers let us.

Seriously though, firstly let us assure everyone that we will test the best and the rest, we will give an honest and expert opinion of how they assemble, how they work how they stand up to rigorous use and well whether we really like them or not. Most of the products tested will be reviewed by Ross who is an expert BBQ Cook and an expert on BBQs and their associated accessories.

Guest and Celebrity reviews will also feature every now and again.

We will give them an overall mark out of ten. Ten flames will rate the best and one flame the worst. With comments on price, looks, usefulness, durability and overall performance.

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