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Please note that installations and conversions are no longer carried out by Barbitec. We act as a consultancy service only.

Barbitec takes no reponsibility for any recommendation made by us for work carried out by outside contractors or tradesman 

We have added this page to give you all an insight as to what can be involved Installing a Barbeque:

A check list is necessary and these are the points that you need to consider.

Does your area comply? (see Alfresco areas under Technical & Safety)

  1. What sort of Barbeque Installation are you looking for? ie Do you want a BBQ thats operates on a bayonet socket type connection OR do you want your BBQ "hard-piped" ie copper piped right to the BBQ inlet?  
  2. How often are you going to use it?  
  3. What sort of BBQ do you want? Now remember that the bigger the BBQ, ie the more burners, the more Gas its going to need, and the bigger the pipe.  
  4. Your Installer will need to know how many Megajoules your BBQ is going to require to run at peak performance.
  5. A Good installer will check all your appliances in your house to determine the quantity of Gas your BBQ is going to need and the size of pipe required to run it.
  6. If you have an existing BBQ Installation, does your regulator and pipework require replacement, how old is your regulator and do you have a shut off valve fitted? Normally if your existing installation is 10 years old or more these items are recommended to be replaced.
  7. Does any of your brickwork need altering? A Bricklayer may be required for this bit!
  8. Do you have a Licensed and Qualified Gas fitter to do the work? 

Do Not remove any BBQ that is already connected to the mains, it can be unsafe to do so and requires the outlet to be "Capped".This should only be carried out by a licensed Gas Fitter

OK Lets now try and answer some of the questions:

If your house is new then you probably have an area that has been built with either a copper pipe sticking out of the ground or a Bayonet socket attached to a wall, the Builder should be aware of the current regulations in your State as to ventilation etc and as a consequence the area should be built to the correct standards.

  1. The Barbeque Installation that is "copper-piped" is usually built-in to a Brickwork, a bench top or Module. Bayonet connections can be used for built in BBQs but normally built in's are fixed installations. Using a Bayonet connection is normally for trolley-type portable Barbeques. The length of hose to the bayonet is fixed by the Manufacturer and cannot be altered as this will affect its AGA Compliance and pressure.
  2. Prices of BBQs vary from store to store and type to type, you can spend $150.00 to well over $10,000 or even more if you buy a Granite or Marble Top Module for your BBQ to fit in. Its therefore important to ascertain how often you are going to use it.
  3. Some pipework fitted in new houses to outside areas are designed for small BBQs so if you go out and buy a big 6 burner BBQ with a side burner and Infra Red Grill you will probably find that the pipe size, usually 1/2 inch is too small and a new, bigger pipe will have to be run from the house or the Meter Box.
    We recommend a minimum of 3/4 inch or 20mm pipe to within 1/2 metre of your BBQ connection, bigger if your BBQ requires it. The only way this may be unnecessary is if your Meter Box has been upgraded with a regulator giving what we call "elevated" Pressure.
    Some of these are fitted in new areas to cope with Instantaneous hot water systems and Bigger BBQs!! Your Gas Installer will let you know if you have one or he is able to fit one (This is entirely dependent on your street pressure).
  4. Each BBQ has a compliance plate and on that plate is a heat rating in Megajoules, this is the heat output of each burner or the whole appliance. When your Gas fitter installs a bayonet or a pipe to your BBQ its important in doing his job that he is aware of this figure as BBQS require a lot of energy to perform correctly and efficiently. For example one BBQ burner has a Mj rating of between 11Mj and 18 Mj. To compare the average portable space heater you use in your home, "plug-in" type rate at 25Mj in Total.
    Once your Gas installer has this figure he can work out the correct pipe size to use. On average 20mm is the correct size, if you get a quote using a smaller pipe ask why...he may only be giving you a cheap quote to get the work!!
  5. Once you have determined the BBQ you want and the rating, a good Gas fitter will add up all your appliances that run on gas to work out how big the pipe should be. This is because if you turn on any appliance while your BBQ is on the "drop" in Gas pressure has to be compensated for...bit like having a shower when the reticulation is running.
  6. Unless your BBQ is connected to a bayonet socket there are a few things you need to be aware of when having your built-in BBQ connected to the main Gas supply. You will need a shut off valve, a regulator, and "flared" connections. Most older BBQs in Perth WA have whats known in the trade as "Kenko fittings" these used a rubber washer to seal the pipework. Over time these perish and can cause leaks so nowadays under new regs flared joints have to be done. If you have Kenko fittings these will have to be replaced. Natural Gas Regulators have an average lifespan of 10 years, I say average because if you live by the ocean or river or the reg is open to the elements this can be halved!
  7. Most BBQ Retailers have module units that can be easily installed and are well priced compared to the custom built ones, so if you dont want to have a brick one built these may be the ones for you.
  8. There are a lot of Good Experienced and Licensed Tradesman around and there are a lot of BAD, UNLICENSED ones, so choose your tradey carefully. If they want the work they will be happy to call and give you a quote. Remember you are paying for his expertise! Most Gas Licences in WA start with the letters GF, they all have a card which is yellow in colour so dont be afraid to ask to see it or ask for his Gas Fitting Number (thats what the GF stands for!)

One final note: Please make sure that you get a quote BEFORE any work is carried out so that there is NO misunderstanding on price or quality of work.  

Well good luck in your installation of your new Barbeque.


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