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10th Feb 2022

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veggie BBQ Kebabs

Vegetable kebabs ready for the BBQ, so easy get the bbq grill on high for about 5 to 10 minutes with the hood up, then turn to low. Drizzle the kebabs with EVOO and spices of your choice, I used Harrissa. cook until charred turning regularly and serve...

26th Jan 2022

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Happy Australia Day Everyone!

Happy Australia Day from all At Barbitec and Barbecue Service Alliance Australia....Have a great day!! Ross


14th Jan 2022

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'Low and Slow' is the way to go!!

All you potential BBQ Gurus out there...Please remember, if you dont remember anything from recipes, slow the bbq cooking down!!

13th Dec 2021

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Christmas with Santa December 2021..WOW!

Now there is a surprise, Ross with Santa Claus what a pleasure.Well why do kids have it all?, I was actually helping a charity at Brads Barbers Shop on Sunday,cooking sausages and selling books all in aid of the 'Pirate Ships Foundation'..

23rd Nov 2021

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Yorkshire Pudding...WOW!

Yes, did you know that you CAN cook 'Yorkshire Pudding' on the BBQ? Well here is what it looks like. If you want the recipe just email me back but any recipe will work.

Just make sure that you get the fat HOT, but be careful that you handle it well and you dont have a fat fire...!

2nd Nov 2021

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Have you got your BBQ Ready for Summer?

Want your BBQ serviced, go to the BSAA website Barbecue Service Alliance Australia is a new 5 star rated BBQ service 'Australia-wide' just go to the site, request the service you require (cleaning, installations, conversions, rangehoods, et

19th Oct 2021

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Barbecuing in the UK

Just received this book and goodies from Ben Bartlett, UK Celebrity Chef, its interesting how all the rubs, spices, etc., are coming more and more into BBQ cooking, although you cant beat a good plain rib-eye steak on the BBQ you can add rubs to Beef, Ribs, Chicken, Fish etc., to give a lovely sp

3rd Dec 2021

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Drongo's Guide to BBQ Mastery - charity event - Sunday 12th December @10.00am. Author signing books. REMINDER!!

Ross's book is now selling at Brads Barbers shop, Carine Commercial Centre, Shop 11/6 Davallia Rd, Carine WA 6020.

8th Oct 2021

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FORNETTO Pizza Ovens

Fornetto Pizza Ovens: For all you Pizza lovers out there, I am told that the Fornetto Pizza Oven is no longer being manufactured, so keep on looking as you may find a second hand one! Sorry....................................

4th Oct 2021

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Drongos Guide to BBQ Mastery - BBQ Ben - UK BBQ Master Chef

I was delighted to send a signed copy of my book to Ben Bartlett who is President of the British BBQ Association...

3rd Sep 2021

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Ben Bartlett UK BBQ Chef

BBQ UK? Check Ben out..A UK BBQ Master....winner of many BBQ competitions in the UK and abroad.

24th Jul 2021

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American-style 'low and slow' barbecue trend growing in popularity Down Under

Check out this article today on Barbequeing 'Low and slow'! Smoking and slow cooking on charcoal Barbeques is getting more and more popular in OZ!

20th Jul 2021

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Char Broil Kamander BBQ

Just got this one! Cant wait to try it out.........

Watch this space for more recipes and tips..meanwhile check this manufacturers video out....

8th Jul 2021

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New Looftlighter road test soon!

New Looftlighter review coming soon...RRP $119.95


5th Oct 2021

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Breakfast on the BBQ

Breakfast.....You know that you can cook more on the BBQ than Burgers and sausages? Experiment...Toast on the grill, poach egg on the grill in a pan with water, what could be easier?

1st Jul 2021

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BBQ Cooking Advice - free!

If you want some BBQ cooking advice call Ross 0415.771172! its free and calls are welcomed....ed.

BBQ Cooking

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15th May 2022

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Barbecue Service Directory - BBQ Cleaning -

We dont want our BBQ to look like the one shown do we?

Here are some tips and directions and people that can clean your BBQ..

25th Apr 2022

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Ask a question....

....We have been inundated with spam, mainly from Russia recently..Now there's a surprise! So we have removed all the forms from the site..

21st Apr 2022

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide Directory - Want a 5 star BBQ Tradey?

Get one here!!  A NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory...with 5 star tradeys!

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