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BBQ Cooking

Cooking ideas, BBQ recipe problems and Tips

18th Jan 2021

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We are in Perth WA 'safest place in the world!`

We take calls from all over the world so email us, txt us, facebook us and even ring us, we are here to help and would love to hear from you....Ross

14th Jan 2021

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Roast Beef on the BBQ!

Remember to always 'SEAR' your Beef or Lamb on the BBQ Hotplate or in a fying pan prior to cooking it under the hood or in the oven, this not only locks in the flavour but it also keeps it moist and adds a 'crust' to the finished product.

8th Jan 2021

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Healthy BBQ Ideas!

Lets go Healthy in 2021! ..You must know by now that Barbequeing is one of the healthist ways to eat, I mean NOT necessarily sausages ( unless you make them!) but most of the cooking done on a BBQ is great because the fat is burnt up and that adds to the flavouring..Its outside yes? healthy yes?

28th Dec 2020

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Turkey for Christmas

A friend of mine sent me this picture, what a great way to cook a turkey, it was moist and delicious! I asked him how he got it so moist and cooking is his reply: '

24th Dec 2020

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At Christmas cook ..SLOW..SLOW..SLOW..

Hi All! Please remember that if you take anything away from my hints and tips .That you cook on the BBQ 'Slow and Low'. If you cook fast and high you food will taste awful and dry, my way you can always go back and cook more, overcooking you cant go back..

12th Dec 2020

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Call Before Christmas!

Need some advice on your BBQ before Christmas? Cooking? Servicing? Buying? Installing? Call Ross 0415.771172

Dont leave it till Christmas day as its unlikely he will answer his mobile.....!

Ross 0415.771172


27th Dec 2020

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Mottainai lamb - Update

My friends at Mottainai Lamb are redefining their lamb Products over the next few months and their new name is Wagyu Lamb Pty Ltd, so watch out for their products next year! Ross

7th Nov 2020

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Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato chips are easy, peel, slice, and make into chips! toss in York Extra Vigin Olive Oil (I I used the lemon infused), then add cracked pepper, malden sea salt, and I added some Harissa.

14th Oct 2020

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Yes it really is a bit of a Maze out there, thats why we are here to help, give Ross a call, its free and he may be able to save you money and a lot of time...

23rd Oct 2020

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Wanna learn to cook? follow me!

Best way to learn to cook, 'live the dream' and follow me after all Its free!

I am not a fan of social media BUT I do like 'instagram', my web guys have added this at the bottom of my website, take a look or go to:-

30th Sep 2020

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Caramelised fruit and honeyed cream

BBQ Caramelised Fruit with Honeyed Cream and ‘sticky’ Semillon, this was a recipe that I did several years ago when we had BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes, hey I wrote it back in 2013, but it is such a wonderful and forgiving recipe (one of my Wife's favourites I thought my BBQ follo

15th Sep 2020

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Margaret River wines

We popped into Credaro wines in Yallingup about a week ago to have a taste or their wines, I have to say they were lovely so I thought that they would be worth a mention in case anyone goes down to Margaret River, its worth the trip!

24th Aug 2020

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York Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hi All, Ross has been a fan of local produce for a long time, especially York Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 'Arnaud has been a friend of myself and Barbitec and we have used his oils and products and will continue to use them in our cooking, what a pleasure it is to have a great locally produced olive

28th Oct 2020

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Chilli prawns

Yes, I know that this was not done on the BBQ but you can use the plate on the BBQ or a side burner and do exactly as I have with a fry pan...OR just put the pan over the grill, let it heat and cook the same..these were WA Exmouth king prawns and I used York Extra virgin Oilve Oil infused with Le

20th Aug 2020

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Time & effort

Yes 'Time and Effort' is the most invaluable thing that we have, especially during Covid 19...

20th Aug 2020

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Rules and Regs.....

From Ross: 'You know I may not know all the BBQ Rules and Regs but I know most of them! If you are stuck and dont know where to go for advice give me a call' Unbiased free advice..Call me on 0415.771172 I am here to help..

Latest from BARBITEC

18th Jan 2021

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Join Ross on Instagram - Hints, tips and BBQ bits!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account (see below).

18th Jan 2021

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We are in Perth WA 'safest place in the world!`

We take calls from all over the world so email us, txt us, facebook us and even ring us, we are here to help and would love to hear from you....Ross

17th Jan 2021

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Fornetto Pizza Ovens - Update - where to buy?

Hi All, we did a Fornetto Pizza oven review in 2017 and as I get all sorts of requests as to where to buy the

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