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BBQ's Rules & Regulations

I know we dont always like to be told rules & regulations but in Gas & Electricity they are there for a reason: To keep us safe so make sure you use qualified and licensed trades to do the work, they have been trained. Barbitec only uses trained, qualified & licensed Gas Fitters.

Here are just a few of the more common ones:

  1. Always use a qualified & Licensed Gas Fitter to carry out any maintenance on your Barbeque
  2. Check to make sure they are Licensed and Qualified, in WA we all carry a yellow card which states what we are licensed for and our number. Most States have something similar.
  3. Do not repair your Barbeque yourself, apart from the fact that it will take us longer to correct your repairs, we know what we are doing and you don’t! Any Gas or Electric appliance must only be repaired by licensed, qualified trades.
  4. Only use a Barbeque approved for ‘outdoors’ OUTSIDE, do not put café blinds, bi-fold doors and windows in your Alfresco area after your Barbeque has been installed. As a general rule the area must be at least 50% PERMANENTLY open to the elements.
  5. A manufacturers approved conversion kit must only be used on your Barbeque, don’t go to a local Barbeque or hardware store and expect the kits that they sell to work. Don’t convert it yourself, you will void the warranty and compromise your house insurance should an incident occur. We always know if someone unauthorised has carried out the conversion. Don’t be caught!
  6. All Gas Barbeques come with an approved Hose and regulator, they cannot be made longer or altered in any way as that was the length they were approved for, make sure your bayonet is in easy reach of the Barbeque.
  7. Buying a Barbeque on EBay or ‘online’ might seem a good idea but make sure it is approved for Australian use with an AGA approval number or something similar. Gas fitters cannot install or repair a Barbeque that is not approved.
  8. It is not compulsory to have an extractor fan fitted in an alfresco area that has at least 50% permanently open to the elements (this is for good ‘airflow’) as there should be plenty of airflow. Only an indoor approved Barbeque must have an extractor fan as part of the regulations.
  9. All inbuilt Barbeques must have their supply within easy reach and the Barbeques must be readily accessible for service and repair, try not to hide the piping or regulator, it makes it harder for us to maintain!
  10. LPG bottles must not be stored or used indoors; the gas is at a different higher pressure than mains gas. If you do put your bottle in an outdoor cabinet that you have built yourself, make sure that the hose is protected by conduit if it goes through a wall to prevent chafing and that there are ‘high’ and ‘low’ ventilation holes in the door to allow the gas to escape in the event of a leak.

Produced by Barbitec's Technical & Safety Bureau ©2013
Note: Although Barbitec prides itself in the accuracy of information supplied on this page and on our website we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or errors, as mentioned above for confirmation of information contact should be made with the Gas supplier concerned or the governments regualtory authority.


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