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BBQ Buyers Checklist

Buy That BBQ - Make the right choice!

What are the Questions I need to Ask myself?

You may think that purchasing a new Barbeque is an easy task, and to some it is, but to the most of us it can be quite a challenge……….

  • Do I want it on LPG (bottle) or Natural Gas (mains)?
  • Do I want a grill or hotplate or both?
  • Do I want it in stainless steel or enamel?
  • Do I want it ‘built-in’ or on a trolley?
  • How many burners?
  • Do I need a side burner?
  • How much do I want to spend?
  • What happens if it doesn’t work, how do I get it back to the shop?
  • What warranty comes with it?
  • Can it be converted to Natural Gas?
  • Do you supply the correct kit?


Also ..............................

  • What do I want to cook on it?
  • How often am I going to use it?
  • Am I going to use it for entertaining?
  • Where should I buy it?
  • Who do I get to install it?
  • Do I need a sink, hot & Cold water, a fridge in a module unit(s)?

All these questions and more are hardly ever thought of when you go out to buy a BBQ.. So take this check list with you, ask yourself these questions before you go out and again when you are looking at buying one, it may help you to make the right choice.

Download as a PDF Here - BBQ Buyers Check List

Which Barbeque is right for me?

This is taken from my book, but I have updated it a little so that it makes it more ‘user friendly’:

Price Range / Lastablility Fuel Size Type Suits
$199 - $400
(Last 1-5 years)
Gas / Charcoal small cooks for 2-6 Kettle or hooded budget Conscious
$199 - $400
(Last 2-6 years)
Gas small to medium (Flat) all plate 'clean-easy' people
$500 - $1000
(Last 3 – 10 years)
Gas medium to large Plate Grill hood average family cooking
$1000 - $5000 plus
(Last 5-10 plus years)
Gas Large / Gourmet Plate-Grill-hood For serious BBQ cooks!

All the above are just guides, remember that some BBQs will last longer than others, stainless steel BBQ’s do not last longer, they may look good but they do require looking after when outside, they are NOT made of marine-grade stainless steel unless they say so.

Any BBQ’s life cycle is dependent upon how well it is looked after and how well and regularly it is serviced.

A more comprehensive chart is to be found in 'Drongo's Guide To BBQ Mastery' by Ross Yarranton

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HI, there is never a good BBQ or a bad BBQ as it depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. Now remember years ago when you went and bought your BBQ?

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