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26th Jul 2021

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide Directory - JOIN US!

If you are in a BBQ related service business (cleaning,repairs,service, etc.,) we would like to hear from you! Please contact us on or call Ross on 0415.771172...

24th Jul 2021

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American-style 'low and slow' barbecue trend growing in popularity Down Under

Check out this article today on Barbequeing 'Low and slow'! Smoking and slow cooking on charcoal Barbeques is getting more and more popular in OZ!

20th Jul 2021

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Char Broil Kamander BBQ

Just got this one! Cant wait to try it out.........

Watch this space for more recipes and tips..meanwhile check this manufacturers video out....

17th Jul 2021

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Lockdown OZ? Lets BBQ!

Sorry NSW, Victoria, SA that you are in a total lockdown at the moment, be brave and lets hope they get this under control soon..

Meanwhile lets BBQ!!! Get fed and get healthy!

8th Jul 2021

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New Looftlighter road test soon!

New Looftlighter review coming soon...RRP $119.95


7th Jul 2021

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Breakfast on the BBQ

Breakfast.....You know that you can cook more on the BBQ than Burgers and sausages? Experiment...Toast on the grill, poach egg on the grill in a pan with water, what could be easier?

1st Jul 2021

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BBQ Cooking Advice - free!

If you want some BBQ cooking advice call Ross 0415.771172! its free and calls are welcomed....ed.

BBQ Cooking

8th Jun 2021

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Pea and Pumpkin Mini Quiches

Pea and Pumpkin Mini Quiche recipe (oven baked but can also be cooked in a BBQ, 200c indiect hood down)


25th May 2021

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YORK Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2021 vintage

YORK Extra Virgin Olive Oil...........

Arnaud tells me that this 2021 vintage (if I can call it that) is one of the best evers!

24th May 2021

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Join Ross on Instagram - Hints, tips and BBQ bits!

Just one of the many cooking recipies on Ross's Instagram page, check it out at:


8th May 2021

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5 Star Reviews

Have you had a great service when having your BBQ serviced or installed or converted? If so please tell us who, when and where, we are looking for plumbers and gas fitters AUSTRALIA-WIDE that have performed well outside the box! That's Five Stars!!

3rd May 2021

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Infra Red Quartz BBQ's

I have had a few questions asked regarding these "new technology" BBQ's here is one of them.........


3rd May 2021

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Total Fire Bans

Can I use a BBQ during a Total Fire Ban?

Yes, you can!

Gas and Electric BBQs can be used under certain conditions.

However, BBQs and Pizza Ovens which use solid fuels is prohibtied for use during a total fire ban.

Total Fire Ban BBQ Rules

24th Apr 2021

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BBQ Repairs - Do they have a Gas license?

ALL BBQ gas repairs, whether LPG or Natural Gas MUST only be repaired or serviced by a qualified and licenced Gas Fitter, NEVER a local handyman.!!

17th Mar 2021

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A Huge BBQ, soooo good! Found at Burns Beach every Wednesday evening..awesome....

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