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23rd Sep 2020

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Exmouth Prawns (cutlet style) - pdf recipe

King Tiger Prawns done for a light snack..recipe on my instagram page.........also click on the link below which is a pdf of the recipe:

recipe: EXMOUTH KING TIGER PRAWNS (Butterfly Style)

15th Sep 2020

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Margaret River wines

We popped into Credaro wines in Yallingup about a week ago to have a taste or their wines, I have to say they were lovely so I thought that they would be worth a mention in case anyone goes down to Margaret River, its worth the trip!

10th Sep 2020

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Beefeater BBQ Problems

Hi All, I seem to be getting a lot of calls recently concerning Beefeater Barbeques..

10th Sep 2020

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Jumbuck Barbeques

I get increasingly concerned when I talk to customers that have bought a Jumbuck BBQ from Bunnings and they ask me 'where can I get a Natural Gas' conversion Kit' ?

28th Aug 2020

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Join Ross on Instagram - tips n tricks!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account (see below). He is uploading photos, methods and recipes almost daily, so follow him and we will make sure he keeps you all up to date! 'The Barbitec Team'

26th Aug 2020

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No Charge

YES!! If you call Ross for advice there is NO CHARGE!

Many sites charge for advice....We dont! Call us for Free advice:

No Gas to BBQ?

Ignitions dont work?

Low Pressure?

Gas Leak?

24th Aug 2020

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York Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hi All, Ross has been a fan of local produce for a long time, especially York Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 'Arnaud has been a friend of myself and Barbitec and we have used his oils and products and will continue to use them in our cooking, what a pleasure it is to have a great locally produced olive

22nd Aug 2020

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Chilli prawns

Yes, I know that this was not done on the BBQ but you can use the plate on the BBQ or a side burner and do exactly as I have with a fry pan...OR just put the pan over the grill, let it heat and cook the same..these were WA Exmouth king prawns and I used York Extra virgin Oilve Oil infused with Le

20th Aug 2020

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Rules and Regs.....

From Ross: 'You know I may not know all the BBQ Rules and Regs but I know most of them! If you are stuck and dont know where to go for advice give me a call' Unbiased free advice..Call me on 0415.771172 I am here to help..

20th Aug 2020

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Time & effort

Yes 'Time and Effort' is the most invaluable thing that we have, especially during Covid 19...

19th Aug 2020

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Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the BBQ Season? Do you have any BBQ problems? We are here to help get your BBQ ready for the summer, hints, tips, recipes, instagram advice....

Here we go............................................

11th Aug 2020

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Send me a picture of your latest BBQ experience (good or bad) and if its good to publish I will send you a free copy of my book!


5th Aug 2020

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BBQ Question?

Got a BBQ Question? Call Ross 0415771172

4th Aug 2020

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Patio Heaters - repair

I gather from my sources that there is a shortage of some patio heaters? Some can be repaired, some cant depending on the model. We have spares for Gasmate Heaters and some others so if you are looking for repair rather than replacement, and you live in Perth WA, why not try us?

21st Jul 2020

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Broken BBQ - cant repair?

Got a BBQ that you dont know how to repair? Broken? Missing Parts? Gas leaking?

13th Jul 2020

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Fat fires - flare ups

Flare ups....

I got a question today about flare ups and which BBQ to buy to avoid them?

Have a question? We're here to help.

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