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7th Dec 2023

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British & Australian BBQ Secrets, 'All Things BBQ' - This event has now expired, more events coming @ Clarkson Library in 2024

THIS EVENT HAS NOW EXPIRED - thank you everyone for coming..!

Giveaways with every book sold! 

1st Dec 2023

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Gas BBQ interlocking Systems (updated)

Indoor Barbeques -What you need to know!

20th Nov 2023

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On a Total Fire Ban day, it is illegal to light an open-air fire or conduct any activity that could start a fire. Some of these activities are prescribed in the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 meaning they can be carried out during a TFB, providing you comply with the conditions listed here.

10th Nov 2023

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Steak 'a la Ross' ! 2023 update! This is foolproof! (well almost)

 Yes I know that we all get asked and told how to cook the perfect Steak but really what is the best way?

22nd Oct 2023

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Partially indoor Barbeques - updated - 28/10/23

Beefeater Barbeques................Indoor or Outdoor? We answer the Question!

26th Sep 2023

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SUMMER IS COMING!!! Get your BBQ ready! GO for your local BBQ Service Expert!

BBQ Ign not working? Burners not hot? No Gas Pressure? Dirty BBQ? Want your BBQ looked after by our Experts? Go to to get the best 5 star businesses around Australia.

15th Aug 2023

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Nigel Barden cooks with Simon Mayo on Greatest Hits Radio from our book - British & Australian BBQ Secrets

Nigel Barden cooked one of our recipes in the South of France (on Simon Mayo's UK Drive time show) from our new book 'British & Australian BBQ Secrets'... here is the link to watch...

31st Jul 2023

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3 Drops wine and EVOO - all Western Australia Produce

We like to promote local produce as much as we can and I am pleased to say 3 Drops wine and Oils are one of the best as we use both!. You can order both online as per the link below:

3 Drops wine & Oil 

24th Jul 2023

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2023 Perth Good Food and Wine Show - 21st - 23rd July

The Perth Good Food & Wine Show presented by Kleenheat took place from 21 – 23 July 2023 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. it was great fun catching up with old pals and friends across Australia...

9th Jul 2023

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Dont let this Happen!! Time to service your BBQ for the Summer!

Ready for the Summer, get your BBQ  serviced, come to me in Perth or if you are outside Perth in another State go to:

8th Jun 2023

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Ask a question....yes ask Ross!

We did this a while ago,maybe a year!So Ross has suggested we do it again, so send him an email if you have any 'and he means anyquestions on anything BBQ, buying, cooking, purchasing, maintaining, selling, yes anything BBQ!!

22nd May 2023

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Pizza Lab Perth WA - Awesome Pizzas at a great price!

Here is the man that started it all, my good mate Trent.He has worked very hard to produce a great Pizza 'on-site' business that really works so please support him as we do and please support WA businesses as Ross from Barbitec does.

21st May 2023

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BBQ BLADE ROAST - WA Beef, mouthwatering!

This has just got to be one of the best cuts of beef to roast on your BBQ! Moist and a great cut 'BOLAR BLADE BEEF' - here are some pictures of before and after....

9th May 2023

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6PR Radio Interview - Wednesday 9th May 2023 - Catch up audio

Catch up with me on 6PR now, talking all things BBQ and promoting our new book, 'British & Australian BBQ Secrets'

Listen now scroll down to podcasts..

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