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1st Jan 2014

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Indoor Barbeques - Update

I have been getting more phone calls and enquiries on Barbeques for partially enclosed Alfresco Areas.. I have already tried to answer most of the questions on our website under "Alfresco Areas' but I think some more clarification may be necessary about 'FLAME FAILURE'

1st Jan 2014

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Using an Infra Red Grill / Back Burner

I have mentioned before the Radiant quartz Burners that Barbeques Galore sell in their Turbo Elite Barbeques, well I thought I would also mention the infra red grills that we see quite regularly at the back of some Barbeques and how to use them...

4th Dec 2013

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BBQ Recipes

Hi All,

Over the next few months I will be adding recipes to the Blog which will can be accessed via the website, currently I am working on Dessert recipes so as soon as I have them ready I will add them....

19th Oct 2013

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BBQ Chicken Maryland - with Veggies

I don't normally add recipes to the blog but this is simple and cheap! Take a look! Ross Y


18th Oct 2013

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BBQ Summer Servicing

Hi All, I wrote in August to get your BBQ serviced, well Summer has arrived so be quick and book now! Ross Y


16th Aug 2013

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BBQ Servicing

Coming up to summer everyone! Is it about time to get your BBQ serviced? Yes it is!

Ross Y

24th Jul 2013

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Matador Barbeques - Bunnings Brand

As most of you will gather Bunning's sell a range of Barbeques under the 'Jumbuck' and 'Matador' brand, I get a lot of questions regarding converting these Barbeques, so I want to get a few basic questions asked before you ring us.

4th Jul 2013

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Patio Heaters

Want help on why your Patio Heater wont work or stay alight? Contact us or bring it in to our workshop - Perth Metro Only, WA

29th Jun 2013

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19th Jun 2013

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Don't forget to buy a good BBQ cover for your BBQ this winter...keep it dry and you wont have to buy (another one!)!!

3rd Jun 2013

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Barbitec is on Facebook!

Yes, we are finally on Facebook...! Ross Y

Facebook  'Click' on the link below..

9th May 2013

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Subscriber 'sign up' - new in 2013!

Hi, we are about to launch this year a new 'subscriber sign up' designed to help you in your everyday Barbequing.

'Sign Up for Barbitec News and Reviews'

11th Apr 2013

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Importing Gas Barbeques

Importing Barbeques from Overseas via the internet, eBay or online, or just bringing them into the country when they do not comply with Australian Standards is not only unsafe it is also illegal.  I have just found this article on the Weber website and it explains the reasons why and as a consequ

28th Mar 2013

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Natural Gas Conversion Update

Rules change all the time, but remember that NG conversion rules are there for your protection. Make sure that you get a licenced and 'experienced' gas fitter to do the conversion.

28th Mar 2013

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HI, there is never a good BBQ or a bad BBQ as it depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. Now remember years ago when you went and bought your BBQ?

14th Mar 2013

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Ross's BBQ Cooking Tips - TOP TEN

Hi There, these are my top ten cooking tips...give them a try!

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