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Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies

30th Oct 2019

Following it the footsteps of my Brownie recipes and the requests for the recipe I thought I would get down and actually write it from my notes:

INGREDIENTS                                    TOPPING

125g good quality butter                            100g family block milk chocolate

120g soft brown sugar                                1 teaspoon butter

110g caster sugar                                         1 tablespoon Greek yoghurt or crème fraiche or cream          

 1 egg                                                            1 heaped teaspoon milk chocolate powder

1 tsp vanilla                                                  2 teaspoons cold water

1/2 teaspoon salt                                          ¾ cup Macadamia nuts or walnuts (chopped

220g self raising flour (sifted)                       1/4 teaspoon salt

100g family block milk chocolate


You will need a shallow baking tray approx. 12in x 12in for the mixture.

OK here we go…...preheat the oven to 175c and get the baking tray ready.

Get a mixing bowl beat in the butter and both sugars then the vanilla and egg, beat well then fold in the flour and salt until a dough forms but don’t overdo it!

Chop up the chocolate into chunks (you can have a piece!) and fold them in too. When completely mixed in, move onto baking paper and place another sheet on top even out with a rolling pin to make a rectangle to suit the baking tray right to the sides, should be about 10mm thick but don’t worry too much if you make it thinner. Place with the paper on the baking tray in the center of the oven for about 12 minutes, keep an eye on it as we don’t want it to burn, check after about 10 minutes. If ok place carefully on a warming rack to cool.

For the topping place a pan a third full of water on the stove and let the water boil, then turn down to simmer, place another smaller pan in the water, break the bar of chocolate into chunks and place in the top pan, it should start to melt (do not stir it as it may separate), you will see it melting slowly, then add the butter and gently mix, add the chocolate powder, mix and then the Yoghurt, cream or Crème fraiche (your choice). When its all a creamy texture add the salt and then the water (the water reacts with the chocolate and makes a nice glossy sheen).

Now with a spatula spread the topping over the biscuit until smooth and even right to the corners and edges. Be fairly quick as it will start to set.


Place the nuts in a plastic bag and wack them with a rolling pin till crushed, not too much though then sprinkle them on top of the chocolate. Place in the fridge for about an hour to let the chocolate set, you will now have a large chocolate biscuit! When set take it out of the fridge and take the whole thing including the paper and place on a flat surface. Get a sharp knife and cut the biscuit into 2” x 1” squares or whatever shape you want.

Put them into a container and freeze separating them with baking paper if necessary and take them out as needed.


©Ross Yarranton – BBQ Mastery – October 2019

Download PDF Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies

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