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Ross’s Brilliant and tasty Chocolate coated Cookies -Update

11th Mar 2020

I have slightly altered this receipe as to doing the nuts and chocolate coating another way:

When you have melted the chocolate and about to spread over the biscuit pour the nuts into the chocolate and mix well, if it gets a bit gluggy add a little cold water, then spread the mix over the biscuit..

here's the origional link to the recipe


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3rd Jun 2020

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Lamb - 'Low n Slow' is the way to go.....

Just a tip, remember to cook LOW n SLOW, now that applys to Roasts, Steaks, Chicken and Fish..

27th May 2020

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Join Ross on Instagram - tips n tricks!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account. So follow him and we will make sure he keeps you all up to date! 'The Barbitec Team'

27th May 2020

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Hello All, Barbitec has decided to suspend indefintely all outside calls and consultations with immediate effect.

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