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Best steak on a BBQ

5th Jun 2020

Best steak on a BBQ:

I have been asked many times what is the best beef to cook on a BBQ, here are my tips...

Firstly: NEVER buy steak that has been marinaded from a butcher, it will be old and tough, the marinade is used to disquise old meat and NOT enhance it!

RUMP: Can dry out if not cooked properly and can be tough

SIRLOIN: Bit better than Rump but still can come out tough if not cooked properly

PORTERHOUSE: A great steak for the BBQ, BUT be careful in cooking, if you overcook it will again be tough

EYE FILLET: The perfect steak, but not for a BBQ, expensive and as there is little fat can dry out easily, not to be used on a BBQ

BLADE: One of the under-rated cuts of meat, beautiful as a roast and can be cooked as a steak but needs to be MSA (Meat standards Australia) graded to be moist and good to eat, check with your Butcher and see the 'msa' label

RIB / EYE: The most wonderful steak to cook on a BBQ, marbled for moisture and great to cook rare to medium, but has to be MSA graded (again Woolworths are really good suppliers of this beef) buy a whole rib eye at about $27.00* per kilo.

This is what it looks like, can be frozen as well...................Buy it, try it, cook it, eat it! 

See it being cooked on my instagram account:

* Prices may vary



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