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Alfresco Areas - indoors - fully enclosed

16th Aug 2021

Indoor approved Barbeques or Grills arent as pretty as outdoor ones as they are function for safety as well as grilling!

These shown are commercial kitchen grills and have safety devices which only allow the gas to flow when the gas is lit. Domestic outdoor Bareques are more designed for looks as they are outside and do not have additional safety features as those that are approved for indoors.

One cannot assume that becuse you have a rangehood and the Barbeque has an interlocking device fitted that it is ok to use as the BBQ MUST BE APPROVED FOR INDOOR USE.

Sometimes a BBQ can be reapproved and once done an interlocking device and rangehood should be fitted, below are 4 people in the Barbecue Service Alliance Australia ( ) that can help..

These are the sort of typical indoor approved Commercial grills / chargrills that you will find in Restaurant kitchens, more expensive and more robust.!

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16th Aug 2022

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Weber Q BBQ - Flame Failure Caravans / RV's UPDATE!

WEBER Q's - I had an enormous amount of emails, calls recently regarding Flame Failure on a Weber Q, apparently Weber are looking at a "retrofit" which will allow a Weber Q to be u

14th Aug 2022

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Steak 'a la Ross' ! 2022 update!

 Yes I know that we all get asked and told how to cook the perfect Steak but really what is the best way?

22nd Jul 2022

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Good Food & Wine Show Perth over for another year!

The Good Food & Wine Show over for another year, well attended and a great 3 days!

The Good Food & Wine Show presented by Citi, is the perfect day out for food and wine lovers.

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