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25th Sep 2016

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"Korma Style" BBQ Kebabs

When I was doing a mini book signing in Perth a couple passing gave me this wonderful recipe so I have repeated it with a few changes..

29th Sep 2016

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Fish Fillets in Foil Boats

4 fish fillets (barramundi, snapper, hake, whiting or similar)
2 red onions
2 lemons
2 tomatoes
A handful of fresh basil
Salt & pepper
¼ cup white wine
Extra virgin olive oil
4 knobs of butter
4 × 18 inch long pieces of foil

13th Jan 2015

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RIB EYE STEAK - from Woolworths?

I just thought I would give you a bit of inside information with regards meat bought from Supermarkets. To be honest I normally buy my meat direct from the producer but time was against me a few weeks ago when I was looking for a good sized Rib eye steak for four of us cooked on the BBQ..

5th May 2014

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Masterchef Australia

You know I really don't like to comment on TV shows but I was watching Masterchef on Monday evening and I cant get over the fact that most of the contestants cry all the time, do they really think that because they have had trauma in their lives (we all have), that the judges will give them a fre

2nd Apr 2014

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INFRA RED BURNERS - How do they work?

OK, Infra Red Burners and how do they work?

These burners are very different from the normal cast iron ones, they are more delicate and more expensive. I have received a lot of requests from people asking me if they are any good, well the answer is YES!

1st Jan 2014

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Using an Infra Red Grill / Back Burner

I have mentioned before the Radiant quartz Burners that Barbeques Galore sell in their Turbo Elite Barbeques, well I thought I would also mention the infra red grills that we see quite regularly at the back of some Barbeques and how to use them...

19th Oct 2013

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BBQ Chicken Maryland - with Veggies

I don't normally add recipes to the blog but this is simple and cheap! Take a look! Ross Y


14th Mar 2013

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Ross's BBQ Cooking Tips - TOP TEN

Hi There, these are my top ten cooking tips...give them a try!

28th Feb 2013

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Infra Red Burners – Cooking on the Turbo RQT

I am getting lots of questions about cooking using infra red burners, especially on the Turbo RQT:

9th Feb 2013

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Fornetto wood fired Pizza Oven & Looftlighter

Now this is the first time I have ever used a wood fired (Pizza) oven, I have put Pizza in brackets as I actually cooked chicken pieces in mine and an apple pie at the end!

It is a very sturdy product, well built and heavy, moving it around is easy with the handles and wheels.

18th Jan 2013

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BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes

Hi Guys, had a great time tonight, lovely people at the cooking class & great fun, come and join us sometime...Ross Y

8th Nov 2012

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BBQ Mastery Classes A Great Xmas Present!

We have our BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes starting in January, thats kebabs, sausages, Harvey Beef, roasted veggies, garlic and butter bread rolls, Caramelised fruit and honeyed cream, wine tasting, giveaways.....etc....etc....need I say more??

5th Oct 2012

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BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes 2013

Hi All, we start our BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes in January next year, that's so that you can get over Xmas!, so if you want to make a class a Xmas pressie for your partner / loved one just send me an email to and I will include

11th Oct 2011

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BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes 2012

Hi All, we have just about finalised the dates for the next series of BBQ Mastery Cooking Classes, if you wish to know more please go to the Barbitec Website or send us an email. Ross Y

30th Nov 2010

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Cooking on your BBQ

How many times have you burnt your food on the Barbeque?

Latest from BARBITEC

3rd Jun 2020

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Lamb - 'Low n Slow' is the way to go.....

Just a tip, remember to cook LOW n SLOW, now that applys to Roasts, Steaks, Chicken and Fish..

27th May 2020

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Join Ross on Instagram - tips n tricks!

Hi all you BBQ food lovers. Please join Ross on his 'instagram' account. So follow him and we will make sure he keeps you all up to date! 'The Barbitec Team'

27th May 2020

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Hello All, Barbitec has decided to suspend indefintely all outside calls and consultations with immediate effect.

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