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Road test: Ziegler & Brown by Barbeques Galore

8th Aug 2017

‘Twin Grill Portable BBQ’

 'Who is Ziegler & Brown?'

RRP $399.00 from Barbeques Galore

'Review carried out by Ross Yarranton'

'…..Who is ‘Ziegler & Brown’ where did they get the name from? Quite catchy though! Sounds a bit like a Sherlock Holmes Mystery movie…………………….'

‘Thankyou’ to Darrin Harvey, WA Regional Manager – Barbeques Galore – for supplying us this Barbeque for review..

Well it came well packed and basically ready for use; the packaging was very ‘retail’ with lots of pictures and eye-catching material on the box. It was light enough for one person to carry and the box it came in had all the components to get set up so nothing was separate. You can of course get covers, tongs, tools, plates, gloves, aprons etc., which is normal marketing these days, but to get going all was there. I didnt go for the trolley as it comes almost in one bit so hard to store and well 'hey' it is a 'portable - back in the boot type'  BBQ so a collapsable table was the better option for me.

UPDATE: 13/8/15..we have been given a trolley for this BBQ recently to see the benefits, well there are lots, easy to put togeher, plastic and sturdy. We found that it was not always convenient to lift and lug the BBQ round on a table so asked for a trolley, well worth the cost and definately a good extra. Yes I know that currently the BBQ has gone up in price and the trolley is now (13/8/15) $199.00 but you only get what you pay for so if you want that extra bit of mobility buy one at the same time, it just clips on and off...easy..Ross Y.

I am used to big Barbeques and this one is like a dwarf compared to most, however size-wise it is in between the small Weber Q and the next one up. I do find it better made and with two valves instead of one and flame thrower ignitions I reckon it goes a lot further in comparison. Personally I prefer it to the ‘Q’, but it would be interesting to see how long it lasts in comparison.

The gas consumption is 18.1 MJ for LPG, which with a 9kg cylinder you would get about 25 hours of continuous use. Not that I personally would have it on for 25 hours! That is a lot of cooking though..

Just to see how good it was for roasting which is my favourite thing, (after all anyone can chuck a steak or a ‘shrimp on the barbie’), I cooked a chicken on it, nice and simple, (1.6kg bird), all I did was to rub some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Jingilli's of course) and season with salt & Pepper, placed it on the spiked rack and roasting dish (Ziegler & Browns). 

Got the BBQ up to 200c, took just over a minute with burners blazing on full, placed the tray on the LHS turned the burner underneath OFF and the RHS burner on just above low mark keeping the temp up to about 180-200c. I actually put the whole chicken in using the Z & B roasting tray & rack (I did line it with foil though), put some chicken stock and white wine in the bottom of the tray, added potatoes and carrots (par-boiled first) closed the lid and roasted for about 2 hours, checking fairly regularly, I also put some foil on the RHS of the chicken protect the bird from burning and took it off for the last 30 mins. Her's a few piccies...............oh by the way I always cook the slower method than most and also allowed extra time when checking as some heat is lost when opening and closing the lid....


Picture one: Ready to Cook!


Picture two: Sorry, started late, this is night-time,

About 45-60 mins to go, note only the RHS burner is on (Low)


Picture three: Nearly there, about 20-30 mins left


Picture four: Cooked to perfection!

Well after resting for 20 mins or so and making up the gravy, the chook was moist and superb, for me a delight for my famous critic (Hazel, my wife, ‘terrific’ especially the sauce!)

What can I say other than I am VERY impressed, for a BBQ so small, I haven’t tried to cook on the Weber ‘Q’ – perhaps Weber might consider giving us one to compare but until then, buy this one, you won’t be disappointed…!

Cooking with the roasting tray made no mess at all but if it did here are a few tips...

The Ziegler & Brown is easy to clean as the plates are light enough to take out and wash in the sink, or just scrape the bits off after cooking and re-spray with canola. Just be careful not to spray the grills when they are on the BBQ as it may clog up the burners, if you do a couple of screws can remove them, in doing this you can just clean the bottom and the inside of the lid with a damp cloth. It is truly portable and can fit in the back of most cars, if you can’t manage to carry it on your own take the grills etc out and the weight drops.

Our Flame rating out of 10 is 8.0 which is a high score…Brilliant…! Give it a go guys, great for the caravan, motorhome, taking to Grandma's or the seaside retreat!

Review done 29th June 2013...(trolley review update 13th August 2015)

**PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OUR REVIEWS ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT** All prices shown are current at the date of the review, we take no responsiblity if these prices are incorrect or have altered since our review and as such you will need to check with the retailer the correct current retail price at the time of purchase.

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