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Fat fires - flare ups

13th Jul 2020

Flare ups....

I got a question today about flare ups and which BBQ to buy to avoid them?

Remember flare ups are NOT normally caused by the BBQ, they are caused by:

NOT keeping your BBQ clean and free from fat, NOT cleaning it after using it and NOT using it correctly....


a/.Try not to use produce that has high fat content such as sausages, cheap burgers or anything that has a lot of fat in it..

b/. Keep the BBQ flame on LOW, that will help you control any flare ups that occur, the odd flare up will add flavour to your food, high flare ups will burn it! If you do have high fat content in what you cook on your BBQ, DONT use any oil, it wont need it.. 

c/.DONT pour oil directly onto the BBQ plate when hot and certainly not extra virgin olive oil as it will burn almost immediately it hits a hot plate. Put EVOO on your food first never on a hot plate.

Watch your BBQ all the time when cooking, leaving it for a second could cause a serious fire that you may not be able to put out yourself.

If you do get a fire, try and only if safe to do so, to turn the gas bottle off but DO NOT use water as that will add to the fire, dry powder extinquishers or a fire blanket are really the only methods to stop or to control a Gas fire. If in doubt leave it and call emergency services, you life is more important than a BBQ. If you have a charcoal BBQ you can use water to put it out or smother it with a wet towel or blanket or if its in a large outdoor area with no combustibles close just allow it to go out on its own...

Barbitec Technical and Safety Dept

Note: This advice is given as a guide only, Barbitec are not experts when it comes to fire safety. Please contact your local FESA branch or emergency services for further information. Barbitec takes no responsibility for any advice given in this or any Blog that may cause harm or may be regarded or assumed as 'expert'.



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