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Stop Press - BBQ Servicing+ Australia-Wide?

23rd Apr 2021

We are Launching a NEW Australia-wide BBQ service Directory very soon....

'How do I get my BBQ serviced in Canberra?

'Can I get my BBQ converted to NG in Sydney?

'Where do I get RQT burners in Brisbane?

'Can I get my BBQ cleaned in Hobart, Who?'

These Questions will be answered in a new 'Australia-Wide' Service Directory, Barbitec is launching very soon! Stay tuned for regular updates....

PS: If you need to know someone 'NOW' we can give you a sneak preview, email and we will see if we can put you in the right direction..

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5 Star Reviews

Have you had a great service when having your BBQ serviced or installed or converted?

3rd May 2021

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Infra Red Quartz BBQ's

I have had a few questions asked regarding these "new technology" BBQ's here is one of them.........


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Total Fire Bans

Can I use a BBQ during a Total Fire Ban?

Yes, you can!

Gas and Electric BBQs can be used under certain conditions.

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