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Installing BBQ Rangehoods - BSAA

3rd Jun 2022

Do I need a Rangehood for my Barbecue in an Alfresco Area..? You have just bought your Barbecue for your Alfresco area, do I really need a Rangehood? Now remember that a fully or partially enclosed area cannot have an outdoor BBQ installed in it.

If you do have an ‘indoor approved BBQ’ you will need a rangehood fitted, now these can range (excuse the pun!) from ones that you can ‘buy off the shelf’ as it were to ones that are specifically made for your area and situation.

Our Range Hood installers know all the Rules and regulations when it comes to fit and make. Most if not, all have been in business a long time. In Perth WA, I Have personally been involved with all of them and also vetted the ones we show in other States.

From WA to Victoria, we have the best, we are also looking for other Range Hood businesses in other States too, but we are fussy and only allow the best, and that we recommend in our BBQ Service Directory, Others out there I am sure may make the mark but we have yet to find them, but we are looking. Again its an Invitation Only BBQ Service Directory.

Barbecue Rangehoods* must be capable of extracting through a filter system of no less than 2000 cubic meters of air an hour, some may extract more but that is the minimum. If you have an area that is considered ‘outside’ then an extractor is an option not compulsory, although most will install one due to the smoke.

They must be of commercial quality, that’s why you pay a lot more than a normal kitchen extractor, mainly because the smoke output on a BBQ is a lot more than made by a cook top.

One last point, if you do go for an area that is enclosed you will pay about 3 to 4 times one that is considered outdoors, so those bi-folds, café blinds and patio doors may have cost you a lot more than you have paid!!!

*An ‘interlocking’ system must also be installed in an alfresco indoor area, that ensures the BBQ is only able to work with the rangehood fan on.


pictures courtsesy of 'Home Venting Solutions' - A Barbecue Service Alliance Australia founding Member

GO to for your local BBQ Rangehood specialist

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