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Old BBQ?

7th Dec 2020

Do you have an old Barbeque? Never had it serviced? Is it over 10 years old, even though its in good condition?

Lets face it we all want to hang on to old things sometimes especially if they are in good condition but most of the time if they are not working properly and if you want it repaired it can:

a/. cost you money to repair it and then you still have an old BBQ thats just cost you $300 to $400 dollars

b/. Parts may not be available

c/. The BBQ may be unsafe


So why not buy a new one for Christmas? Their are some really good deals out there at the moment...

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26th Jul 2021

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BBQ Servicing Australia-Wide Directory - JOIN US!

If you are in a BBQ related service business (cleaning,repairs,service, etc.,) we would like to hear from you!

24th Jul 2021

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American-style 'low and slow' barbecue trend growing in popularity Down Under

Check out this article today on Barbequeing 'Low and slow'! Smoking and slow cooking on charcoal Barbeques is getting more and more popular in OZ!

20th Jul 2021

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Char Broil Kamander BBQ

Just got this one! Cant wait to try it out.........

Watch this space for more recipes and tips..meanwhile check this manufacturers video out....

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