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Bunnings Jumbuck Barbeques

3rd Dec 2020

I get increasingly concerned when I talk to customers that have bought a Jumbuck BBQ from Bunnings and they ask me 'where can I get a Natural Gas' conversion Kit' ? (Remember 'NOT ALL BARBEQUES ARE APPROVED FOR NG CONVERSION' including Jumbuck and Matador, best way is to check the compliance plate somewhere on the BBQ or inside the cupboard. If it has a Natural Gas spec then it may be....)

I converted a BBQ to NG for a friend recently ( I dont normally have anything to do with any Bunnings brand of BBQ!!! Firstly, they went to Bunnings to buy a NG kit, WRONG! As it only suits Matador 900 series Barbeques, WHY is Bunnings allowed to sell kits that have NG jets? The public thinks any NG jet will fit, this is not only Dangerous but stupid!!) I had to make up the jets to the correct orifice size and give them a NG kit that was approved, I really do not do this normally as it is too time consuming and hard to get the correct jet drill to convert (They cost $100-$150 each!)

This is the reply direct from the Jumbuck website "you will need to get the kit only from the manufacturer"... However that is not always possible as all are made in China and some of the jet sizes and threads are almost impossible to find... I found this statement on their website:


Some Jumbuck barbecues are approved for conversion from ULPG/Propane to Natural Gas. The following steps are required to complete the conversion:

  1. You can purchase a natural gas conversion kit from the retailer but the conversion and installation must be done by a registered gas fitter or plumber.
    The manufacturer for the BBQ needs to supply the NG conversion kit that should include the new injectors, hose from the BBQ to regulator and the NG regulator. In some instances the kit from the manufacturer may be available from the retailer but I am confident that Bunnings do not stock any of these for the BBQ suppliers so the customer must contact and purchase the kit from the manufacturer - details in the instruction manual.
  2. Contact a registered gas fitter/plumber to obtain a quote for the conversion and to confirm whether this appliance will work efficiently with the current gas supply to your household, in accordance with installation Code AS/NZS5601.
  3. The Gas Fitter/Plumber will need to source the necessary parts for the conversion.
    Source only from the manufacturer of the BBQ.
  4. Upon completion of the conversion, the Gas Fitter/Plumber is LEGALLY required to issue a Compliance Certificate.
  5. DO NOT attempt to complete the conversion yourself.
  6. Failure to comply with these requirements and Installation Code AS/NZS5601 will automatically void the Warranty for this product.

Sooooo, where do we go from here? Some maufacturers do supply a kit but that is rare and if they do they should only supply to licensed Gas fitters. So why are they selling BBQ's that say they can be converted but cant supply the kit or know where to get it from? I fail to understand this as to get a NG appoved certification it is not only expensive but time consuming and the jets are not a standard size so they have to be made up, well I give up, too hard and too time consuming...IF you need a BBQ that needs to run on Natural Gas buy it from a retailer that can supply the kit over the counter that is appoved for that particular BBQ.........problems? Give me a call, I may be able to help.... Ross   0415.771172

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